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22-02-2014, 08:59
I haven't played in a few years and I am going to a tournament in early march and I've been working on a list for a week and I'm sort of happy with it but I need to know if I should tweak anything, Its a no comp 2400 tourney where there are going to be some objectives that give you significant VP and fortitude plays a part.

Anyway here is the basic list

Daemon Prince , Nurgle, Level 3, fly, Scaly Skin, Soul Feeder, Glittering Scales, Nurgles Rot 455

Lords 455

Festus 190
Exalted Champ Nurgle, Halberd, Crown of Command, dragon helm, 171

Heroes 361

19 Nurgle warriors shield, hand weapon, Standard, champ, standard of Discipline 358
15 Khorne warriors Halberd, shield, Standard 310

Core 668

3 Dragon Ogres, Great weapons, 204
6 Knights of Khorne Standard, Muso 10, 290

Special 494

Hell Cannon 210
Hell Cannon 210


22-02-2014, 12:40
Hello! WoC is a good army, its hard to go wrong.
Normally DP is the way to go. However with this list id consider droppin it due to lack of cannon targets. I doubt hell last long in an uncomped environment.
Id go with an unkillable tzeentch sorceror on disc rockin tzeentch magic. He, along with the two hellcannons, can soften up your opponents line, as well as havin the excellent treason/hellcannon panic combo.
id also drop your specials in favor of bulking out your warrior blocks, and try to sneak in some dogs and a chariot or two. That makes for a mean points denial list that can possibly scare half the enemy army away before combat. mean, very mean...