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Count William Grey
12-06-2006, 05:20
This is a theme army that i will stick with, but i thought i would post it anyways.

Templar Grand Master
Holy Relic
Dawn Armor

Warrior Priest
hvy armor

Warrior Priest
Great Weapon
Meteoric Armor


25 Swords
Full Command
10 man detach of free company
8 archers detach
w/ Warrior Priest

25 Swords
Full Command
10 man detach of free company
8 archers detach
W/ warrior Priest

11 Knights of Inner Circle
Full Command
with Templar

2 mortars
1 cannon

16 Greatswords
10 free company detachment
7 archers detach
Griffon Standard

General Plan:

A strong defensive T formation



Infantry uses the archer screen detachment scheme
The Cannon is a variable swing position

12-06-2006, 06:16
What I see:

Its light on its ability to deal and dish out magic, it has 3 detachment based units, one of which is under strength, and that's a mother-humper to move about on most tables. In addition, I've always found the extra rank of knights to be worthless, you have 1+ saves, so take 7 in case 1-2 die and buy a warbanner to get the same +1 CR. This is especially stupid to me if you're going to keep them locked behind units. Typically Empire suffers from leadership issues, but with LD8 priests in every major infantry unit, you might be alright-- though using armor of meteoric iron, a 30 pt. item on a lowly priest seems a giant waste to me. The other issue I see is the lack of non-artillery shooting units. You have archers, but due to BS3 S3 and 24" range, they're useless as anything but screens(which they are). In addition, 6 man skimirsher screens are usually sufficient. I'd drop down to 6 knights w/ warbanner, 6 archer detachments to be able to go with 20 GS, a scroll caddy, and at least one unit of handgunners. You may have to downgrade to elector to save points, or drop the unnecessary dawn armor.

12-06-2006, 08:47
I agree with Kedlav about those knight units. I think 6 or 7 is the optimal number of knights per unit. And, like he said, you could do wel with bumping them greatswords up to 20 or 19 if they are acompanied by a character.