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Mentat Bashar
23-02-2014, 13:27
Hi guys,

I'm trying to get back to fantasy with what's now my 3rd Empire army:

Arch lector
-heavy armour, enchanted shield

-full plate, shield, dragonhelm

Battle wizard
-lvl 2

Master Engineer
- Light armour, repeater handgun

34 halberdiers
- Light armour, musician, champion

5 archers (detachment)
10 crossbowmen (detachment)

3 demigryph knights

Great cannon

I think I'm still ~40 points under, but what do you think so far? Is there something I should add/remove? I'm going to plat DE, HE, Dwarfs and Skaven.

23-02-2014, 16:03
really good build against HE, DE, and Dwarfs but skaven are probably gonna have a lot of models.... against skaven crossbows and archers are pointless ( killing 2 clanrats a turn? yeah they wont care). So maybe have one unit to swap in for those two? and also 34 isnt going to be enough to get steadfast against them either. so unless you just obliterate them on there advance you might be overrun

Lord Solar Plexus
24-02-2014, 12:42
Solid list overall.

The AL is underarmoured. He's one of your most important models and worth a lot of points. Get him at least a 2+ AS and at least a 5++ ward.

Battle wizard - which lore?

Master Engineer - drop the useless equipment. LA isn't worth one point. It makes absolutely no difference. Also, he cannot help the Hellblaster and fire his gun, so this is mostly a backup option. If his primary warmachine is destroyed and he needs to move to the cannon to help it, he still cannot fire his handgun...

Halberdiers - get them a standard, drop the champion. Or keep him if you like him but get a standard.
Same with the Demis. A standard bearer and a musician makes them a lot more hardy against monsters, and with a Gleaming Pennant they can roam outside the General's Inspiring Presence and the BSB's aura. Banner of Swiftness, Warbanner or the Standard of Discipline are also good choices.

Mentat Bashar
24-02-2014, 19:53
Thanks a lot for the pointers! I agree completely on the Engineer thing - it was mostly an issue of not knowing what to do with him (as I never used engineers in 6th ed.). The repeater pistol (although I se now i wrote handgun earlier) was there to shoot at the 5 fast cav that would probably be sent at the warmachines, but maybe that's not worth using.

Should I take a standard bearer in addition to my bsb? Okay then! As for magic lore, I'm trying out each one every time I've played. So far, I've tried Light, Beasts and Fire magic, and down the list I go...but the internetz tell me that Shadow works well with Empire, is that so?

Thanks again for the advice!

Lord Solar Plexus
25-02-2014, 08:27
If you place your warmachines together with the Engineer in the centre, the Helblaster should be enough to defend the battery. Sure, that's one turn you're not firing at those 30 Executioners but then again that's a risk/reward decision. Sometimes it pays off to sacrifice stuff. The pistol isn't outright bad. I mean it's what, 10 points? That's not breaking a budget by any stretch of the imagination (neither is the light armour; it's just not going to do anything). However, cavalry can reliably charge from outside pistol range and you can't S&S if they charge the cannon. Also, long distance and multi-shot means you're hitting on 5's barring terrain and spells...that's perhaps one hit.

Unit standard bearers are a must IMO. It's +1 CR that doesn't depend on hitting or toughness or whatnot and is required in Blood & Glory. While static CR isn't as make or break as in ages past, having +4 (with ranks) to start with is well worth those 10 points. Lots of stuff will still struggle to overcome that or suffer from rubber lance/rubber stomp syndrome. Imagine a Frost Phoenix with four attacks that rolls a 1 for thunderstomp...or chariots or cavalry or anything without (many) ranks itself. To be clear, it's nothing to base a plan upon but it is quite nifty.

Mentat Bashar
28-02-2014, 08:48
I used the army last Wednesday against DE, adding a talisman of endurance to the AL and the ironcurse icon to the bsb to protect the halberdiers. It went great, the cannon taking out two reaper bolt throwers and a rank of executioners (the dice gods/Ranald was on my side that day) after reducing a warlock unit to one with grapeshot. Amazing! The archers and crossbowmen managed to take out a couple of elves before kicking it altogether, and the demigryphs managed to get shot at for the entire game losing only one to bolt thrower...bolts, I guess.

I still can't find a good way of using my demis, in four games they either front charge the wrong unit (swordmasters, warpsword Skaven warlord, doomwheel...) or get pelted with everything the opponent has before charging in. I need to get some chaff to redirect and start manoeuvering better to get those flanks. What banner is recommended for these guys?

EDIT: The list I used was 1000 points, so minus the engineer and the helblaster

Lord Solar Plexus
28-02-2014, 18:37
Nice. It's always great to hear how it worked out.

In an all-comers environment, I usually took the BotEF on my Demis but a Gleaming Pennant, Steel Standard or even the Warbanner are all good choices. Yes, many people fear them and accordingly target them first. I had a game last night against VC (a campaign, so he had mercenaries). Magic and shooting killed one and the unit fled but they really took one for the team because all my other units arrived completely unscathed. ICK killed Corpse Cart and General, Flagellants + Hurri + Bironas massacred first a unit of Skellies, then a unit of Graveguard in a building (30 attacks hitting on 2's, re-roll hits and wounds = GG deleted), Halberdiers killed Ghouls. And then the Demis rallied. :)

If you happen to often front-charge units with them, a fourth Knight isn't the worst idea, although that requires a second box. What did a wise man say? If three was the ideal number, GW would sell boxes of two?

Btw, in my first two games in which I used Demis, they all got killed by that darned Fellblade! :angel: