View Full Version : 2000 point Fluffy Nurgle list with a comp edge - Lords of the Apocalypse!

23-02-2014, 21:35
So basically a small elite list to kick start a collection consisting of (my first wave of purchases,) a daemon prince, lord on daemonic mount (hero), lord on foot (converted to BSB), 2 boxes of hounds, 2 boxes of warriors and 2 boxes of knights.

Regular opponents are empire, lizardmen, khorne WoC, wood elves, high elves, dwarves and vampire counts... so a range.

DP almost standard comp build,
Hounds are 33.33'% upgrades but fit the theme,
CoC on the knights for if the overstretch their reach from the bsb and general,
SoD on the warriors for when the general inevitably leaves them eating his dust.
Vraccian's lancers... he has a mundane weapon, poisoned attacks and flaming (BoEF) Knights have lances to benefit from flaming attacks... rule of cool = win,
Mounted hero has a shield because (a) I want the model to have one and (b) I had 3 points left and I'm a little bit OCD :)

So add thoughts (maybe on expansion to 2500 <tourney size ish> and above)
Be critical,
And point out any errors!


Peutrifectus Ravenblight - The Vestige of the Apocalypse - 500pts

Daemon Prince
Mark of Nurgle
Daemonic flight
Level 4 caster
Lore of Nurgle
Chaos armour
Scaled skin
The charmed shield
The other trickster's shard
Dragonbane gem
Soul feeder

Vraccian - The Grand Host - 248pts

Exalted Hero
Mark of Nurgle
Daemonic mount
Shield <pointless>
Crow of command
Nurgles rot
Poisonous slime

Vraccian's Lancers - 392pts

8 Chaos Knights <Vraccian here>
Mark of Nurgle
Full command group
Banner of eternal flame

Utricia - The Herald of Malady - 200pts

Exalted Hero
Mark of Nurgle
Battle standard bearer
Enchanted shield
Talisman of Preservation
Hideous Visage

The Cull - 525pts

24 Chaos Warriors <Utricia here>
Mark of Nurgle
Full command group
Standard of discipline

The Blight Hounds - 135pts

5 Warhounds
Mutant poison

5 Warhounds
Mutant poison

5 Warhounds
Mutant poison