View Full Version : Tomb Kings Bone giant in 8th edition questions.

24-02-2014, 19:04
I just got my tomb kings book for 8th edition and can't find the entry in the book for bone giants. GW still sells the model on its site but I cannot find the page that says you can put them in your army. Is the bone giant the hierotitan in this edition?

24-02-2014, 19:05
or is it listed as the necrolith colossus?

24-02-2014, 19:18
From GW page on the "Tomb Kings Bone Giant" - http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat570030a&prodId=prod1610020a&rootCatGameStyle=

"The Bone Giant is a great model to represent a Tomb Kings Necrolith Colossus and have it stomp across the battlefield, trampling any enemy units as it goes."

Soooo Necrolith Colossus it is!

24-02-2014, 19:19
Bone giants technically no longer exit, they are replaced by both the Necrolith Colossus (which still uses the model for the Bone giant and most of its rules) and the Heirotitan (which I have seen many people convert their bone giants into).

26-02-2014, 22:36
It's an entirely separate unit. The GW site states that the Bone Giant model is a good "counts-as" for a Necrolith Colossus, but isn't actually the model for it. The intimation is that there ought to be a new kit for a Hierotitan/Colossus that was never released.