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27-02-2014, 02:00
I've been thinking a lot about whether GW would ever make a full PC port of WHFB as-is, simulating the tabletop game as faithfully as possible (would probably force them to sort out some rules wrinkles as well).

On one hand, there's the argument (and I can see the genius decision-makers at GW following this line of thought) that making a PC version of WHFB would detract from miniature sales. On the other hand, it could easily go the other way. Magic: the Gathering has been digitized and it's as popular as ever. People are always going to want toy soldiers you can hold, and the figures that sell for video games (WoW, for example) is a huge market (e.g. people buy toys for video games, in spite of 'already having them' digitally'). Surely, the PC turn-based strategy crowd would generate a lot of new *real* WHFB players.

GW's just released a digital reproduction of the original talisman for $15. Imagine if they did something on a larger scale for WHFB.

Priced as a full-scale game. Hopefully they don't try to do any subscription **** for online multiplayer play/updates, or get too crazy with DLC (i.e. for certain armies, or worst yet the best units LOL). You'd be able to simulate huge, epic campaigns spanning a potentially huge amounts of generals/players. It could even become an MMO in some sense; they generate novel contents that the generals play through. Instead of general format of MMOs, though, you're playing simulations of good old turn-based WHFB with narrative elements added.

So in short

The good:
- warhammer for pc. a lot us want it. universalbattle.net doesn't cut it
- free from physical limits. scaling up to epic scale games is easier. terrain is limitless!
- worldwide multiplayer access
- campaign editor, and likely shipped with a tutorial campaign or two
- potential for global (or regional) narrative campaigns (likely subscription-based)

The bad: (these may not happen, but would we negatives in my opinion)
- making it pay to win (P2W herein): armies or units cost more
- limiting in-game cosmetics: only get a 'basic' skin, pay for other provinces/regions/etc (middenheimers DLC! only 4.95!)
- no LAN/private server mode
- having proprietary server for multiplayer be subscription-based even for vanilla 1v1/non-campaign games

GW must keep their eye on Warseer. I hope they seriously consider this. I couldn't see it harming the hobby in the long term.

27-02-2014, 05:37
Well, aside from the loss of the modelling, building and painting side of things...

There is I believe some attempts being made to make a game like this, modding Rome: Total War. I'll look up the link after sleep.

Lord Dan
27-02-2014, 06:05

Though I don't think that's what the OP is referring to. He's looking for more of a turn-based game emulating the actual tabletop game, not a RTS. Am I correct?

Lord Solar Plexus
27-02-2014, 06:16
There's already Shadow of the Horned Rat, isn't there? The newest version I gather even tuns on DOS.