View Full Version : 3000pts - NEW Dwarfs vs Skaven plague list

27-02-2014, 22:46
Here's another friendly game between me and Steve. He runs the Dwarfs with a melee focus this time. Vanguard and stubborn bubble goodness. I'm using a plague themed list provided by one of the channel followers with a two hell pits and two plague furnaces...or furni... The iron drakes give me trouble again because....well....they're irondrakes.


Keep Fighting!

27-02-2014, 23:43
Iron Drakes are serious business. I was asked to not show the report I had with my new Dwarfs going full cheese with a unit of 20 Iron drakes with 2x rune of slowness against vampires. They killed everything by themselves.

28-02-2014, 07:51
Dear lord that is just evil!...*scratches chin*.....I'll have to try it...