View Full Version : Champions and Challenges

02-03-2014, 00:38
If a unit is in combat with a lone character but the champion of said unit is not in base to base with the character, is he allowed to issue a challenge? Or does a character/champion have to be in base contact with at least 1 enemy model for the purposes of issuing challenges? I do know that if the lone character issues a challenge the champion would be able to accept and move into contact with the lone character. But I cannot find any rules in regards to making way with champions (and so believe they cannot) or issuing challenges when not in base contact with the enemy while the rest of the unit is.

02-03-2014, 01:53
To issue a challenge you or your unit have to be in base contact with the unit you wish to issue a challenge to. Which means if your unit is in base contact in some manner with another unit then that is good enough, and you can issue a challenge to it. Inside that enemy unit either a character or champion can accept, if the challenge is refused then the resultant effect of Boo Hiss are applied (a character is chosen by the one who issued the challenge to retire to a non fighting position). If the challenge is accepted then you move the model who accepted the challenge within in his unit into base contact with the challenger. If this is impossible (such as the character is hanging off an edge of a unit and you can't move the model into base contact with him) then you simply leave the models where they are and pretend that they are in base contact and resolve the challenge normally.