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Lord Dan
02-03-2014, 21:12
So after about two weeks of tinkering, here's my current Dwarf list:

Shieldbearers, Shield, Master Rune of Smiting (D6 wounds), Rune of Might (Double S against T5+), Rune of Speed (+1I), x2 Rune of Warding (5++)
This is my Swiss Army Lord. With a 1+/5++ and 5 wounds he's decently protected, and D6 wounds makes him a threat against just about anything - particularly things which would seriously threaten his Hammerer unit, like Skullcrushers, monstrous infantry, and monsters. Rune of Speed is so he's only failing I-based characteristic tests on a 6, and so he'll strike first against most monsters with his four S8, D6 wound attacks.

GW, BSB, Master Rune of Grungni (4++, 5++ against ranged for units in 6"), Rune of Slowness (-D6 inches for enemy charges)
Goes with my Lord in the Hammerer block, giving them (at least) a 5++ against ranged and giving things with charge bonuses and impact hits a harder time when it comes to charging in.

20 Longbeards------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------315
Standard, Musician, Shields, Rune of Stoicism (Stubborn)

20 Longbeards------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------330
Standard, Musician, Shields, Rune of Stoicism (Stubborn), Rune of Sanctuary (MR1)
The anvils in my army. Pretty straightforward, and I expect in most games that they'll need to be killed to a Dwarf before whatever they're engaging is freed up. In an ideal situation they'll be flanking my Hammerer unit, both for protection, to be in BSB range, and to gain the 5++ ward from the Master Rune of Grungni.

18 Hammerers---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------355
Standard, Musician, Shields, Master Rune of Valaya
Another straightforward unit, serving as my primary hammer and as the bunker for my characters. In most situations they'll be in a 7x3 formation. Together with the Longbeards they are the immoveable core of my army, with most everything else working to support them in some capacity.

15 Miners-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------195
Musician, Champion, Steam Drill
In my opinion, one of the only auto-include units aside from Hammerers and Cannons. While the unit itself won't be good for much other than War Machine hunting, the amount of formation and plan disruption that a ranked unit appearing behind enemy lines does is well worth their points. All of that, and still cheap enough to be a throwaway.

Rune of Forging (Re-roll misfires), Rune of Burning (Flaming Attacks)

Rune of Forging (Re-roll misfires)
Hopefully these guys need no introduction or explanation...


15 Rangers---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------245
Musician, Shields
This is the only unit I'm undecided on, as I'm not sold on a unit of 15 over two units of 7-8. I think playtesting will reveal what is superior, however as their primarily roles are to distract, threaten, and impede my opponent's movement, a bigger unit is likely preferable.

Flame Cannon------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------180
Rune of Forging (Re-roll misfires), Stalwart Rune (+1 Combat Resolution)

Total: 2499

If there is such a thing in Warhammer, here's my "standard" setup:

http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb113/SirLordDan/StandardSetup_zpsa43a1b3a.png (http://s204.photobucket.com/user/SirLordDan/media/StandardSetup_zpsa43a1b3a.png.html)

03-03-2014, 17:04
I like it, though I think you might want to split those rangers up to deal with chaff and act as redirectors?

03-03-2014, 17:35
I would only worry about enemy war machine hunters or flying units that could engage your artillery immedietly, you dont have much BS based shooting to ward off flyers ... I just think thats your biggest weakness but otherwise your army will pack a punch and do lots of damage. If the enemy doesnt have monsterous infantry or multi wound models then your shooting might not do much, and your CC troops are elite but relatively small. Perhaps units of 24 would be optimal?