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03-03-2014, 00:48
This is for an ETC comped GT!!

So, with the ETC giving Gor's an unlimited point value standard, it puts me in some what of a point of uncertenty. I will be running the Beast Banner on my Gors ensuring I dont loose the +1 str if my BSB dies. That leaves me with a couple of options though. Here is my list without any of the options. At the end I will post my options and thoughts, hopefully we can come up with something together.

Beastlord- AoD, Brass Cleaver, Shield, Uncanny Senses, Pot of Speed

Great Bray- Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon, Fencers Blades, Dispel Scroll, Lv4 Beasts

Bray Shaman- Chalice of Dark Rain, Lv1 Shadows

Gor Herd- FC, AHW, 37x Gor, The Beast Banner

4x Tuskgor Chariots

3x Razorgor Chariots

2x Ghorgon

So what is missing from this list is my BSB and 1 mage. These are some of the ideas I have been toying with:

Option 1: Wargor BSB, HA, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Razor Standard and a Lv1 Bray shaman, obsidian lodestone (this gives my Gor's str 4 AP, and my Beastlord str 6 AP, Lv4 and BSB str 5 AP. Nothing to fancy)

Option 2: Wargor BSB, Obsidian Lodestone, HA, charmed shield and a Lv2 Lore of Beast Bray shaman with the power scroll. ( I move the +3 MR to the BSB, and go for Transformation of Kadon on my Lv2. Pretty strong in itself especially since in a pinch I can cast it with one die on a 5+)

Option 3: Wargor BSB, CoC, Dragonhelm, Charmed Shield, HA and a Lv1 Bray shaman with Obsidian Lodestone ( giving my BSB a 3+ AS, and the Gors are stubborn)

Option 4: Wargor BSB, Totem of Rust and a Lv1 with Obsidian Lodestone ( for yhis build I would have to bank on my Beastlord not dying with just T 5 and a 4++, however it has the most potential return on investment as it would mean my Gors are hitting at str 4 with a -3 to AS, my BSB and Lv4 at str 5 with a -4 to AS, and my Beastlord at str 6 with a -5 to AS. My only concern with this is my Beastlord is now at no AS and BSB with no AS. However with one Wildform and/or curse of anrehir the incoming damage can be somewhat midigated. I would also have to find a way to keep my Beastlord alive and the only solution is magic. It also makes the need of high Initiative a huge importance. I already have the speed pot and my uncanny senses (+1 Ini) on my Beastlord boosting him to Ini 6 and 9 in a pinch.)


04-03-2014, 12:40
Some problems you may encounter with your army in level of importance:
1. Leadership is going to be a huge issue for you as the Ghorgns will be frenzy and the chariots may panic off from other chariots dying bu if you want to run the beast banner gr herd then this will always be an issue
2. Armor from anytype of army is a huge issue for you as your only armor answer is your general and even then str 6 ap on one guy isnt very strong and id be terrified of any type of monster av coming at me
3. you've made your characters sort of fighty but having front line wizards even though you are beastmen is usually still bad

My recommendation is based on what I see as the best build and you may be limited by your models.

drop the razorgor chariots and thin out the gors. make the gor int a mage bunker and save the points on the characters to add bestigor make a big bestigor unit with the move banner then have a secondary gor unit with your general BSB as yur main hitting pint and then another gor unit with the totem of rust as another flank unit that can roll the side. this makes sure a lot of strong high cost banners are used by your core making them viable and allows you to keep a close nit ld bubble. Ill post the exact list later today.

04-03-2014, 21:47
I am betting the Bestigors don't get the unlimited point value banner, so keep the gors. I do agree that mages up front aren't always a good idea, so if you don't find that you need all 7 chariots I would change some of them in for a bunker of gors, or maybe ungors. This would also get you another banner on the table in case Blood & Glory comes up. Do you really like 2 ghorgons or would you consider exchanging 1 for a cygor? It gets you some shooting and can affect the enemy magic phase while still having 2 monsters on the field. I have watched as a unit of gors with this beast banner and BSB and Beastlord ate 3 of my combat units, ouch. I prefer Option 1 as it protects the BSB the most and relies less on casting to get the returns.