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03-03-2014, 04:58
I didn't see this posted and was curious. So now I am asking you vets.

Oddly in our game store, for whatever reason I've yet to come across dark elves. They've got a nice model line and from what I gleamed from the book they seem decent.

What's their general playstyle? In my mind I'm thinking a fantasy version of Dark Eldar but that's probably not even close haha.

03-03-2014, 05:41
Actually, you are not that off the mark.

Dark Elves are not a very durable army. Everything toughness 3. Ground troops have laughable armor or are practically naked. And all these squishy elves are not very cheap either(pointswise)
To offset this, you have an army with high damage, strong magic, and good mobility.

Mobility - Dark Riders, Shades, Warlocks, Pegasus Heroes, Harpies provide you with fast units that can annoy, provide diversions, or hunt war machines.
Ranged Damage - Although they lack cannons, Dark Elves have access to good Crossbows and Bolt Throwers. These are used to soften up units so the rest of the army can play clean-up.
Magic - With a very good selection of Lores, access to Sac Dagger, and Warlocks, Dark Elves have lots of ways of making good use of their power dice.
Melee Damage - Although they don't like eating attacks, DE infantry can dish out great damage with their re-rolls. Witches\Corsairs provide weight of attacks while Executioners provide high-str.

Their average game plan boils down to dictating the flow of battle by removing key elements of your army with magic\shooting\redirection. If all goes well their infantry will charge an already weakened\crippled part of your army, win combat by a deciding number, ensuring that you won't be able to fight back. (Or deathstar up with Mounted Characters and Warlocks but I dislike gimmicks so let that be the exception :) )

03-03-2014, 15:04

I just looked at a thread on 1d4chan regarding their tactics and they sound like a really fun army to play.

The thing I am liking about their model range (other than it mostly being updated) is the good mix of "stout" rank and file type infantry, vicious and dyanmic units like Witch Elves or Doomfire Warlocks, to big monsters like the Hydra and the Black Dragon - as well as cool painting and modeling chances such as the alters.

I was waiting for the dwarfs to get redone but I'm seriously considering joining the fleets of the dark corsairs as I was quite let down with the Dwarf release.

Sir Didymus
03-03-2014, 16:18
Its an awesome army, where speed and hexes is the key to win.

Repeater crossbows with a little shadow magic can turn enemy units into pin cushions.

Don't be put out by the thought of going naked into battle, the first rank of a witch elf unit can dish out a hilarious amount of pain - especially supported by Occams Mindrazor. While executioners will whittle even the toughest cavalry down to size.

They're my favorite army - only second to the woodies in 7th ed. :)

03-03-2014, 18:47
The models look good and the army is very unfriendly, i think they are the complete opposite of dwarfs (your main army, correct?) which could interest you to play as just for that reason!

03-03-2014, 18:54
The models look good and the army is very unfriendly, i think they are the complete opposite of dwarfs (your main army, correct?) which could interest you to play as just for that reason!

Yes Dwarfs were for a very long time my main army. I shelved them for awhile just due to stagnant play-style. I like the flexibility of the Dark Elves from what I've seen so far, game-play wise and model wise. I will likely pick up the army book on the way home today just to see if it's something I want to dive into full bore.

03-03-2014, 19:06
While Borgomos is right, they can play that way(and are really effective at it). The Dark Elves can play any way they build their army due to the elf books being so flexible.

04-03-2014, 19:23
If you use Witch Elves it's hard to resist putting a Cauldron of Blood with them. The 5++ ward makes them more durable. And everything within 6" of the Cauldron gets to reroll all missed to Wound rolls instead of just rolls of a "1". The impact hits and possibility of double Frenzy are nice as well.

If you need a unit that will stand in place and die to the last man the Black Guard are very good and they get 2 attacks each at Strength 4 so are very good at killing average troops.

For acceptable if not great armour the Corsairs have a 4+ save and either handbows or 2 hand weapons.

If you want to try a monster mash army take along a Sorceress with the Lore of Life to help keep those monsters alive until they can get into melee. Also while they can do a lot of damage they need support to avoid being overwhelmed by static combat res.

I recommend Druchii.net as a Dark Elf specific forum with lots of suggestions on how to build a Dark Elf army.