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03-03-2014, 12:00
The rule for stand and shoot says that if a unit is out of maximum range, you resolve the hits as if it was made, just as the shortets ranged weapon can fire... The way I read it, is if you have a unit with mixed shoothing attacks, for instance dwarfs with crosbow and a charecter with pistol, you resolve it when you are within range of the pistol. But it could also be understood in the way that if the shoothing unit have 2 ranks or allot of the models in the unit are our of range due to the the charge commming slightly from the sides for instance, the stand and shoot will happen once every model en the unit can fire.

Which one is correct?

03-03-2014, 13:17
At moment the shortest long range model (character with pistol for instance) can shoot, all models in the unit will shoot at the same time. Also if that means that some models do not have the "over half range" penalty and some of the models still have. "A picture is being taken" moment. Still all models are allowed to stand and shoot, so only when all can stand and shoot, the picture is being taken. (the last of the second rank, when in an angle)

I would "pre-play" the charge move with a piece of paper, so you can determine the exact place it will be shot at, when in-range of shortest long range model and figure out which models of the unit (if still in an angle of the charger) have "over half range" and which models not. Because if they fail the 25% casualty panic check, they have to flee from the original point they announced the charge from.

03-03-2014, 14:17
Then there are no way to get to a chaos dwarf blunderbus unit alive it seems ;)

03-03-2014, 17:49
Sure there is, charge them in the flank or rear :)

Or multicharge, that way only one unit is taking the hits