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03-03-2014, 15:55

I am taking part in a campaign my local GW are putting on in April. Its 2014 points with no restrictions etc. This is the list I have come up with; it is made up of (pretty much) the models that I own plus a phoenix and reavers that I will pick up shortly (I dont really want to buy anything more as I have just started a Chaos Space Marine army!)

Loremaster with Book of Hoeth and Amulet of Preservation
BSB with Armour of Destiny, Shield and Ogre Blade
Level 2 Mage with dispel scroll

14 Archers with Musician
5 Reavers
29 Spearmen - Full Command

20 White Lions with Banner of the World Dragon
Tiranoc Chariot

2 x Bolt Thrower
Frostheart Phoenix

I am at work at the moment but I am pretty sure that's about that. It won't be competitive but I wouldn't mind winning a few games! There will be plenty of Elves players (including a Wood Elf player), some Chaos and some Skaven.

Please let me know if there are any glaring errors or any improvements that I can make generally.


03-03-2014, 16:41
I wouldnt say you have errors, and besides you dont want to buy many new units but I will say that you should consider that you have little CC troops which means against armies like chaos and skaven you need to DEVASTATE with magic, shooting and stuff.

You need to focus your attacks on slowing down and dividing the enemy army, then your spearmen and white lions can kill two of their units while the rest are stalled or pinned down

04-03-2014, 11:24
Cheers for that EvanM, if only I would have known this last night! I had 2 games against a Khorne Chaos army - the first was over in 3 turns - he absolutely mauled me! The 2nd I ended up winning but the 1st game was a STEEP learning curve!! I had a great roll with a bolt thrower, it went straight through the side of 4 Chaos Knights!

Thanks for the reply though, i'm slowly learning that I can't stand my elves against strong combat opponents, all good fun though! I will hopefully be purchasing my Reavers soon.