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03-03-2014, 20:29
Before i start i would like to inform you i am dyslectic. so i consider myself safe here to not force myself into perfect grammar.
I was tasked by the leader of out local gaming group to write my version of Codex Craftworld Eldar. I am going to include special traits/Doctrines.
so you can make your own craft world, but i would greatly appreciate if you could give some input on traits that are interesting and can be used in
eldar armies

Thanks in advance: Yresk.

04-03-2014, 10:44
Biel-Tan: Hero Exarchs (+1WS, +1BS, +1W, +1A, +1Ld, Independent Character for X points), that make their aspect troops (Dire Avengers instead make any friendly Eldar units within 12" of a Dire Avenger scoring)

Alaitoc: Can take Pathfinders as an Elites choice without Illic; each Pathfinder Elites unit may permanently increase or decrease the cover provided by a non-purchased terrain piece on the board (chosen before deployment).

05-03-2014, 13:12
I would check out some of the older Eldar Codexes if you can get your hands on them, especially Codex: Craftworld Eldar, which is basically exactly what you're describing. It has special rules for all the major Craftworlds. Rereading your post it looks like you've already got it actually.

Otherwise as you're talking about players creating their own Craftworlds with special rules I would focus on some of the main things that make Eldar what they are.

So for example: psychic powers, seeing the future, being fast, being a dying race, highly technologically advanced, Webway users, the "special relationship" with the Dark Kin, Corsairs, being super arrogant, manipulating other races, relationship with Chaos/Slaanesh, Harlequins, Aspect Warriors.

If you were to create a special rule for each of these examples (maybe mixing a few together), it could work a bit like Chapter Tactics for the Space Marines.

Still Standing
05-03-2014, 20:35
Mymeara are particularly noted for their stealthy approach and use of overwhelming firepower. In addition they are fond of attacks using the cover of darkness and have wargear specifically designed to facilitate this. In any single turn in whch the Night Fight rules rules are in effect every infantry or monstrous infantry unit in the Mymearan war host may immediately make a scout move. This may only happen once, but does not necessarily have to happen before turn 1. Any unit subject to the Stealth or Shrouded special rules (for any reason)gains the ability to reroll failed to hit rolls of 1.