View Full Version : What Happened to Da Waaagh?

03-03-2014, 23:23
Its been acting goofy for a few months, and I cant even view the website anymore with out it going crazy and reloading over and over. Anyone know whats going on over there.....and when it will be fixed.?

03-03-2014, 23:59
They have posted here: http://www.the-waaagh.com/forums/?showtopic=53098#entry696700

"For those of you out of the loop:

The-waaagh has recently moved server, as the previous one failed. If you don't know, you missed it. Well done on that by the way, as the forum was down for a while, the B&C even had a fundraiser to help pay for the server issues. Both forums now have a server, because of the hard work and generous fanaticism of the admin and moderators of both sites.

Now however, new issues are arising, and the admin appear to be having a load of non-fun with the forum worky bitz, so a few issues will arise until the Mekaniaks have fiddled until the machinery no longer misbehaves. The best you can do to help is to support the forum by sticking around, keeping an eye on things, keep trying to post, until things are back to normal. A forum is no good with no gits to post in it, so please don't give up on the-waaagh.

If you like, donate, as forums of this quality and non-advertisement do require upkeep. But the very best thing you can do is be very thankful that our bosses are PROPPA.

Hopefully the issues will be solved soon, but until then, you know the best Orky website. And don't say Dakka, just in case the bosses' ban-stikk is still working"

The question will be, can they fix it before June when the codex drops, if not, we might need a new home.

04-03-2014, 00:02
They have posted here: http://www.the-waaagh.com/forums/?showtopic=53098#entry696700
The question will be, can they fix it before June when the codex drops, if not, we might need a new home.

Yea, Id read that before didn't know if it ever was going to get fixed, does Da Warpath have a 40k section? That's the only greenskin forum I know of

04-03-2014, 12:39
I still visit it, but I can't start new threads, only reply to old ones. It is slowly killing the forum, but I hope they get it fixed soon enough. I have posted and read such a huge amount over there over the years, working on my boyz without proper access to that forum just feels lonely to be honest.

As to its future, we will see.

Dribble Joy
13-03-2014, 17:52
Bump, but I need to get a hold of a couple of the guys from the forum desperately (Ie. before about 12pm tomorrow UK time). If anyone knows where Dim Reaper or Cookie might also be active (like other forums and whatnot), could someone tell me.
The forum is down at the moment so I can't PM them.

13-03-2014, 19:53
I hope the Waaagh comes back soon. It helped me get my Orks painted up back in 2008 through their monthly painting challenge which I still participate in each month. When I went to post my March goals last week I noticed it was down completely.

20-03-2014, 07:04
Completely down again looks like, sad day for us online green skin players.

21-03-2014, 04:09
Anyone wants to pick up the flame!?

21-03-2014, 12:46
I could maybe lend a hand being a web developery person if they wannt get hold of me etc

Dribble Joy
11-04-2014, 16:32
Site is back! For how long I don't know though :p.

11-04-2014, 16:50
Well, sort of back! Some of the sub-forums still look pretty weird, but stuff is happening that's for sure!

12-05-2014, 16:02
Still cannot access the forum

Dribble Joy
13-05-2014, 17:03
Back again, though it looks like a back-up has been used as about 11 months of posts have been lost. No theme currently.

13-05-2014, 21:05
I wouldn't mind if it started with no old posts at old brand new. All I want is a go-to-place to talk shop with the orks.

22-05-2014, 13:29
Aaaaand... looks like it's down again? :(

23-05-2014, 06:01
I've deleted my favourite in the browser and looking for a good ork forum... Any idea?

23-05-2014, 07:08
The Waaagh is pretty nice. :p
I bet traffic will pick up again when the new codex hits.

Dribble Joy
22-07-2014, 16:46
A bump I know, but the forum has been back for a while now, running fine. They had to move and rework a lot of data but everything has picked up again.