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07-03-2014, 15:51
Hello, so I'm going to play my first game in over 8 years next week and I could use some help with my list, I will be playing Wood Elves @ 1000p.
I want to play with the models that I have painted which restricts me in what I can take. Pretty much everything that I have painted is in the two lists that follow (excluding 10 White Lions with full command) so if you think that I should tweak my lists please bear that in mind (sorry for being a pain in the a**)

List 1


Archmage, lvl 3, Shrieking blade, Dispel Scroll @ 220p (general)


Noble, BSB, Enchanted Sheild @ 100p


20 Spearmen, Full Command 210p

10 Archers 100p

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows + Spears 95p


15 Phoenix Guards, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame 265p

Total 1000/1000

So Archmage (Shrieking Blade just for kicks) to get a decent magic phase, phoenix guards as anvil and flaming attacks to deal with potential re-gen and wodden stuff, BSB to help my spearmen with LD-test.

List 2


Noble, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Khain's ring of fury. 130p


10 Archers 100p

20 Spearmen, Full Command, Gleaming Pennant, 215p

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Harbringer, Bows + Spears 105p


2x7 Sword Masters of Hoeth 182p

15 Phoenix Guards, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame. 265p

Total: 997/1000

So noble with KRoF to get magic and ward save buff (if it works with bound spells). No BSB so Gleaming Pennant on the spearmen to help them, Sword Masters in small units to flank charge and again Phoenix Guards with BoEF to act as anvil.

So what do you guys think? Could either of these lists work, which one should I go with and should I tweak anything? Other than what's in these lists I have a total 20 SM and 10 White Lions with full command painted plus 5 more Spearmen)

Thank you in advance


07-03-2014, 17:11
Both look like pretty good lists. I would suggest taking as a general in both of them the Loremaster with dragonhelm and golden crown; not too many people will be bringing lvl 4s at this points level so with the loremaster's level 2 you can just run wild throwing signature spells. Plus he's no slouch in combat either. Proxy the loremaster if need be.

Both your lists have about 400pts in core when you really only need 250 and spearmen pretty much suck now, especially if you're using PG which are a far better anvil. I would say try to dig up 5 more archers if you have them to get your core points where they need to be and completely cut the spears. Then either add the white lions to list 2 or the sword masters to list 1.

07-03-2014, 21:50
I like your idea of the Loremaster but in order to fit him in at 1000p I can only give him 20p worth of magic items because of the 25% point limit on lords do you think that would work?

09-03-2014, 21:03
At 1000 points you make the choice of either strength in numbers or magic items. The Loremaster is good choice because they are jacks of all trades and can respond to just about any situation. Stick him in with your PG and he should not 'NEED' has magic items in most cases.

Now as for spear, spearmen are still good, they do not suck, but they are an expensive horde choice now, and are out shined by Silver Helm as an offensive unit. I prefer Sea Guard over Spearmen because they have a few more uses, but you pay a premium for them. 10 Archers is to few though, those points are better spent on Sisters of Avalorn or RBTs. Reavers are always a good choice, I run two five man blocks of them almost always.

Now with elves at 1000 the BSB is a luxury, we have high leadership. However, it is still really useful.

What your list lacks is a hammer. You need a chariot or two, silverhelm (DPs work too) or SM/WL. Right now all the umph is stuck on a bunch of Str 4 PG.