View Full Version : Alpha legion new hh art

07-03-2014, 19:46

As anyone notice this image from the black library news: there's a lot of Alpha Legions marines there! There has to be a book in the pipeline!!!

07-03-2014, 19:54
Hah, good catch. And here I was thinking it was a wall of smurfs running at something! :D

08-03-2014, 18:21
I believe this is to be the Next Audio Drama after Templar (The Imperial fist one previously called vengeance) or the next Novella. At Black library live at the Horus Heresy panel the Writers spoke about they where worried that the Alpha legion where getting to sneaky for their own good and how they want some stories out there about the Alpha Legion actually working like a Space Marine legion, boots on the ground with some actual organized face to face military planning. So I assume the art is for that, I doubt it is a novel about the Alpha legion though as they already seem to feature very heavily in other works and the vibe the writers gave out was that this was something smaller.

14-03-2014, 08:53
like it, as it shows that the alpha legion were space marines who fight like marines should do ... also nice to see that they haven't all the same armour-type, as it would be very boring to build a alpha legion army with 1:1 same power armour parts ...