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10-03-2014, 02:02
I just finished Malodrax the Lysander smb book I thought it was a pretty decent read... what did everyone think

10-03-2014, 02:55
Ok overall for a BL book but I'm still not sure how a planet can have "shoals" around it thick enough to block off most routes to the surface but still have the sun be visible in the sky. It's never explicitly stated that this is the EoT but some sort of throw-away explaination would have been nice and it's certainly not the worst BL novel as far as logical/plot problems go.

15-03-2014, 17:16
Well,Malodrax is in the EoT (might not be stated in the book now that i think about it but it's quite clear AND specifically written down in every other piece about it) so things that don't make sense...Are quite to be expected :D

it has a few problems here and there (some of them shared with the rest of the "Lysander trilogy") but i'ts not a bad read