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10-03-2014, 14:37
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, red fury, heavy armor, enchanted shield, talisman of protection, relic sword, level 2 of vampires

Necro, level 2 of vampires, dispel scroll
Necro, level 2 of death, scroll of shielding
Wight King, heavy armor, shield, BSB

50 skellies, musician, standard, hand weapon/shield (WK and Necro of death here)
20 zombies, musician, standard (necro of vampires here)
35 ghouls

10 hexwraiths
spirit host
spirit host

5 Blood Knights

2500 pts exactly

I am still relatively new to Warhammer, and this is my first attempt with the VC so I appreciate any input you guys can give me ...

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10-03-2014, 17:24
Its a good starting list. I've ran a Lord of Dragon before. You need to make sure that the Vampire is hitting. I would take off the level 2 from him and give him QuickBlood. Always striking first with re-rolls is crucial. Also he needs to hit harder. Give him either a Lance or Ogre Blade or Sword of Might. As for making your Wight King a BSB. I wouldn't bother. The +1 combat resolution that he'll add is pretty small in the way the game works now. Also your undead so you don't have to worry about re-rolling fear, panic, terror etc... Other than that I think its a strong list that should do well for you.

10-03-2014, 19:38
Hi CountUlrich, welcome to the darkside.
The following advice is really dependant on how hardcore your opponents are.
having your lord on a dragon can be asking to get shot by every warmachine, spell the enemy has. If you want to keep him on a dragon most people go with the charmed shield and /or a 4+ ward save.
The other issue with putting your general on a dragon is that if you fly off to fight something the rest of your army can't march. You can try and keep your general close to your lines but then it is a waste of having a dragon that can fly.
Most people choose between having the vamp lord be a caster or a fighter, but not both. Save the points and stick to level 1.
A couple of necros is good. You might want to consider making 1 a master necro and the other a level 1.
The wight King is a good solid fighter and can lead the skeletons. Give him a great weapon and some magic armour (silvered steel, luck stone) rather then a BSB.
The skeletons with HW & Sh are a good solid block. Keep them. I would not put a necromancer in the front rank as he will die very quickly.
The Zombies and Ghouls are fine. Never send your zombies into a fight. Never. Ever.
10 hexwraiths might be a little big and difficult to manuever if you are trying to get the special attack from moving over a unit. Try either 2 units of 5 or just 1 unit of five. If you were going to try charging this unit into the enemy then go with a unit of black knights instead.
The spirit hosts are good re-directors, blockers.
The blood knights and varghulf are solid choices. You might want to go with a banner and musician on the blood knights just in case you roll badly 1 round of combat.