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11-03-2014, 16:22
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I will not hear debate in this court, fear and desperation spread through the segmentum like a plague! Indecision is not an option, if Horus rises against Terra then we stand to oppose him! We will answer the call of Rogal Dorn and march to ther defence of Terra!

- Lord Governor Militant Marcus Degallio, Seneschal of the Knight House Degallio

The galaxy is in flames. The Emperorís glorious vision for humanity is in ruins. His favoured son, the Warmaster Horus, has turned from his fatherís light and embraced Chaos. As the galaxy burns, mankindís champions are put to the ultimate test as brother fights brother and the universe trembles to the beat of war. Tasked with defending Terra is the Primarch Rogal Dorn, standing as a light in the darkness he marshals the defence, call all able and loyal forces to his banner, one such force to answer the call are the Imperial sworn Knights of the Noble House Degallio.

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This project log aims to show your my progress through creating a handful of knights, over time, of the Noble House Degallio at the time of the Great Crusade and subsequent Horus Heresy. This endeavour will begin with a single Knight Errant.

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Elgar Degallio, 1st Son of House Degallio, Knight: White Phantom


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Thanks for looking

11-03-2014, 16:36
The white looks nicely done. I also like the scenic base. Good use of basilica Administratum bits.

11-03-2014, 16:53
Thanks for the kind words 'VikingThor'

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Elgar Degallio, 1st Son of House Degallio, Knight: White Phantom

Elgar Degallio was born on the ocean world of Akaric Prime, designated Thirty-Six Fifteen-Alpha by the Imperial Fist's Thirty Sixth Expeditionary Fleet under the command of Siege Marshal Elias North. Born into the Noble Knight House of Degallio, and as it's Lord's first son no less, Elgar is a person of great importance. Furthering his rights and privileges as a member of the ruling caste, Elgar was the first of his world to officially greet the Imperial Compliance Force upon it's arrival, riding out to meet the column of golden-yellow warriors marching upon his House's keep.

Elgar is short tempered and somewhat belligerent warrior, acting on impulse and aggression far beyond that considered proper for a Noble or a Knight. As First Son of his House Elgar is often the commander in charge of Knight Detachments and their marches to war. Despite preferring the overwhelming firepower of a Knight Castellan, Elgar is forced to deploy more often than not in his Knight Errant, enabling him to lead his Knights from the front. The Knight Errant is a particularly potent anti-armour weapon with it's formidable Thermal-Cannon and Reaper Chainblade.

Elgar was honoured to answer the call to arms of Rogal Dorn and march to the defence of Terra alongside his father. His suit of armour bears many honours, the Blessed Laural Cog for his actions alongside the Mechanicum forces of the Forge World Lucius. Three Siege Honours for actions against non-compliant worlds across the Segmentum Obscurus alongside the Thirty Sixth Expeditionary Fleet and Imperial Fists Legion. A Munitorum Kill honour for the defence of Imperial Army landing zones during the compliance war for the world of Thirty-Six Thirty-Two. Upon his right knee armour Elgar bears the Imperial Fist Legion's symbol, an honour bestowed upon him by Siege Marshal Elias North for conduct above and beyond in the service of the Emperor. In recognition of this latter honour, Elgar has incorporated the Legion symbol of a mailed fist into his personal heraldry, displayed on his right shoulder armour.

The rear of the White Phantom's carapace displays a Mechanicum Makers Plate showing the suits origin being that of Mars. House Degallio are proud to say that all of their Knight Suits are of Mars manufacture.






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Thanks for looking

17-03-2014, 11:56
Love the work so far mate, hope to add a few to my iron hands once the mechanism are done. Really liking the story elements as well.


17-03-2014, 13:36
great work... a little shade on the white, as well as a highlight on the black will help

also: RIVETS! I only see 5 painted (around the cannon), you missed all the other rivets!