View Full Version : Dark Elves 500 points

14-03-2014, 08:43
Sorceress @ 80 pts on Dark Steed 10 pts = 90 pts


Dark Riders x5 @ 80 pts, full command 30 pt, Repeater Crossbows x5 15 pts = 125 pts

Witch Elves x 10 @ 110 pts, full command = 140 pts

Black Ark Corsairs @ 90 pts, full command 30 pts, repeater handbows x9 18 pts and brace of repeater handbows 4 pts = 142 pts

Total 497 leaving 3 points left over

I am new to warhammer and would like to get some opinions on this list, I am not a competitive person and won't go out of my way
to spend money just to give a better chance to win, however I would like a list which would stand a good chance of winning without
being expensive or cheesy, if possible.

02-04-2014, 20:58
You are going to win and lose by the charge. Since you will have no rank bonuses you will need to get +5 kills over your opponent and hope to cause a retreat on the charge. If not, you will get stuck in the tar pit and die slowly.