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14-03-2014, 12:25
OK - I want to run a 3 x 2.5k a-side battle with some lead in games. The sides are WE, HE & Bretts Vs VC, Nurgle Demons and OK. I have borrowed the campaign idea from a recent GW tournament.

Please let me have your thoughts – particularly on table size and magic


Dawn Attack Scenario
Table Size is 12ft x 6 ft (the same Square footage per player as a 2 player 6x4)
It will last 8 Turns (to ensure it is truly epic and decisive)
Each player turn lasts max 30 mins (ie max 8 hours - in reality time savings will be made especially at as casualties mount)
Both sides are trusted allies,
Choose the general with Highest Ld for each side, but you are reliant on your own BSB as none of you are Battle Brothers
Ranges for Generals and BSBs are doubled ie 24" for most 36" if mounted on something big.
The Demonic winds of magic effect (terribly written) does affect enemies as well, however which of the three enemy armies it affects each turn will be determined by rolling a D3 - Daemon players responsibility to remember this rule.
Winds of magic will be determined a 6D6 for each player turn, with the opposition given 1st, 3rd and 5th highest dice as dispel dice.
Each side will get 1 free dispel scroll so don't feature one on your 2.5k list (but you can feature in sub lists as it is a variation on equipment load out)
You must prepare one 2.5k list to be submitted in advance of the campaign start.
Special characters and Warhammer forge are allowed
Goal is to have painted units by date of the big bash


I will publish all the 2.5k master lists, it is up to you to sort individual lists with your opponent. Anyone whose sublist doesn't follow the rules, incurs a 100 point deficit (cumulative) for the big bash.
All of your sub lists must come from this (you may vary amounts of troops, equipment, wizard levels (but not say add a wizard that you didn't list) and commands - you may not include say blood knights in a meeting engagement sub game if they are not in your 2.5k list, but you may say include an extra iron blaster as long as you have one in your 2.5k master list - this encourages a spread of units in your big list to give you tactical flexibility in the campaign games and reflects the fact that you are a single army on campaign you don’t get special forces parachuted in).
One of the 5 games is an identical list to your 2.5k multiplayer list (and yes, you get a free dispel scroll - whether or not you have a wizard in that game too) - reason being what is optimized for multiplayer is not for individual battles so it forces you to think about playing for the team or playing for yourself - if you all take loads of magic users you aren't going to have many dice to share for the big bash for instance.

The 5 games you can play beforehand (and the benefits of achieving over 1k vps)

1. 1500 Battle for the Pass (1 unit gains scout for final battle)
2. 1500 Watchtower (1 unit can re-roll one die at any point once in the game)
3. 2000 Battleline (1 unit gains stubborn)
4. 2000 Blood and glory (1 unit gains devastating charge)
5. 2500 Meeting Engagement - this must be identical to your multiplayer force (1 unit in the "Dawn attack" final multiplayer game can be placed where you wish - after rolling)

15-03-2014, 14:59
This looks very cool, a nice alternative to triumph and treachery which IMHO is botched. The only thing is the table size, It's way to big especially if you use one General per side, meaning two of the allies will probably rarely benefit from the high ld bubble even with the range bonus, 12ft is very wide. Don't forget that even with 36'', it's still 1/4 of the table width, and players will need to finely plan their deployment to effectively use the general bubble. I agree with the winds of magic on 3d6 because in multiplayer games magic was always nerfed, well in all the games I tried, since you have too many spells with not enough powerdices. Other than that it feels like you got it right and it probably will be a blast to play.

15-03-2014, 20:12
Cheers, I had wondered about the table, but 3 x 6 x 4 is 72 as is 12 x 6 so that's what I based it on, being deeper does mean a slight advantage to the WE/HE and Bretts cos they have loads of shooting and warmachines, so making it 8 turns gives there more cc orientated opponents a bit more time to even things up.

The magic was tricky, clearly 2D6 in a 15 thousand point clash is ridiculous - might aswell be historical wargaming, I thought let each player roll two but give the 1st 3rd and 5th highest dice was fairest way to upscale - giving the 3 highest dice might be too defensive- it also allows the demon player to have 2 dice to determine his winds of magic special rule.