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15-03-2014, 17:54
So, do any of y'alls have or use special characters that are homemade, or would you be willing to allow others to use them as long as they provided a clear printed sheet detailing said special character and it was reasonably balanced?

If you have one, post him or her below as well!

The Great Khan Khenti Temujin, the Red Mountain
Ogre Tyrant

The Khan of the Amsa-Sunnasa Horde, and a rare thing among Ogres, and educated one. Born and raised in the service of a monastery in Cathay, employed as a guardian of the village and temple. The monks educated the ogre, and those like him, as best they could, featuring lessons in simple math, astronomy, poetry, history, and basic philosophy. As Temujin grew older, his hunger grew, and more keenly then his fellows, he felt the call to the Great Maw.

On the night he decided he would begin his pilgrimage, the monks forbid him to leave, and by the following morning, he had killed and eaten all the monks. He gather the handful of Ogres at the temple and set out to the Maw. Few of his initial Ogres would live, but as he got closer, he accumulated other pilgrims. It is said once he got to the Great Maw, he was granted a vision of a great horde devouring all before them with him at the head of it. He left the Great Maw following the Ivory Road west. Once in the Mountains of Mourn, he joined up with a tribe, which he quickly became Tyrant of, and began marching the tribe west. In this march, he absorbed smaller tribes as he passed near them, the number following him growing with each passing day. Eventually he hit the first signs of the Empire, a city which was promptly razed and consumed. During the battle, a local Prince witnessed Temujin carving his way through all defenders, covered in blood, and obscene amount of blood. He described the ogre after the Prince escaped as a violent Red Mountain.

Temujin kept going west until he came to a stop in the grey mountains after witnessing a comet streak across the night sky. They followed the direction of the comet, and found an old dilapidated fortress. He established his throne in that fortress and has since been raiding the lowlands around him, and building his fortress in the mountains.

Khenti Temujin M: 6, WS: 7 BS: 3 S: 5 T: 6 W: 6 I: 2 A: 4 LD: 10

Troop Type: Monstrous Infantry, Special Character (400 Points)

Special Rules: Terror, Ogre Charge

Cathay Classical Education:

When joined with a unit, he provides a bonus depending on the type of unit he joins.

Leadbelchers: Adds d6 to range as he uses his knowledge of the heavens to directs the leadbelchers to take advantage of the local conditions.
Bulls/Ironguts: His recitation of stories of great hereos, all who have been turned into Ogres in these stories, motivate his men to fight on. They gain +d3 on their charge roll.

Loyalty Before Grub:

Temujin places no stock, or trust in mercenaries. Any Maneater force in his army may never benefit from spells, inspiring presence, or battle standards.

Pre-Destined Death:

Temujin saw his death when he looked into the Great Maw and knows the exact time and place of his death. He charges into battle without fear of his own death. Any unit he is in causes terror, and is immune to psychology on the turn they charge.

Magic Items:

Celestial Tetsubo:
A large war-club, fit for any Ogre, is made from the shattered archway that marked the beginning of the steps of the temple he once guarded. It has been shod with the armor of those he has defeated in battle, and has forever been marked by the Great Maw. Like its master, and the race he is a member of, it always hungers. It has the multiple wounds, d3, special rule. It is a great weapon that requires two hands.

The Celestial Globe:
Temujin always brings his celestial globe to battle. It was looted from the temple he once guarded, and is now cared for and maintained by his favorite Gnobblers. Before battle, Temujin consults the globe, and reads the portents in the heavens. After deployment is done, he may re-deploy one unit within the established deployment zone.

(Working on a few for my High Elf army, but it is a less straight forward fluff and has proven harder to balance.)

15-03-2014, 19:31
I like it - he adds bonus to units but at same time has no ward save or anything like that

As 400pts is a good premium to pay

I would play this guy anytime

15-03-2014, 19:32
Would add that bonus D3 to charge DOES NOT COUNT for ogre charge bonus

15-03-2014, 20:10
I prefer making "special" characters using just some limitations I impose on myself. While it seems detrimental I feel in many ways that limitations creates character (after all it is the character flaws that makes movie villains interesting).

15-03-2014, 20:22
Would add that bonus D3 to charge DOES NOT COUNT for ogre charge bonus

That is covered in the Ogre Charge rule which states the unmodified roll is used. This adds a modifier thus would not be counted in. That is the reason I did not mention that.

16-03-2014, 22:09
Suggested at my last club for custom characters it was easy, one player designs what they want, and the others in the group assign a point value, player able to adjust to get around the value they want. Mostly useful for campaigns or using a nice model from somewhere else. Not so much a case of pick a hero and add various items from wherever but thats a good starting point (e.g. stolen items from other books)