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15-03-2014, 23:29
This might supposed to be elsewhere.....

Just building a Falcon and was thinking when would I use it? The Wave serpent seems to do everything better and doesn't take up a slot...or have I missed something?


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16-03-2014, 00:00
There's really no reason you'd need to ever take a Falcon at the moment, other than to be a scoring unit in Big guns Never Tire.

16-03-2014, 00:24
I love the wave serpents, they rock both as a transport and tank role. Twin link turret of your choice. At this point i would not take a falcon for anything short of scoring unit or higher point game. But to be fair I rarely take tanks in 1500 pts games or less. And then one for a 2k pt game. but it never hurts to have the falcon for other types of game mission.

16-03-2014, 04:59
The pulse laser on Falcon is nice (especially with BS4 now), but generally Wave Serpents are much better due to the Serpent Shield and the fact it doesn't take a slot.