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17-03-2014, 07:08
Hello all, I'll get right to it.

1) Is the attraction of Nurgle DPs the fact that shrouded helps your save while flying? Also, does the Slow and Purposeful limit the number of shooting psychic powers?

2) I heard something about the Crimson Slaughter variant list allowing for helbrutes to be taken in squadrons; is this so?

Thanks for your time.

17-03-2014, 08:28
1) Yes, Shrouded applies when Flying. You can use it when Jinking for a 3++ on tap, and while it's a controversial topic there is nothing to stop you claiming cover from craters, walls etc. while Flying. So it's a really awesome cover save for a very expensive, very fragile model. Slow & Purposeful doesn't limit your shooting but remember you cannot use Sweeping Advance to chase down a wounded enemy any more.

2) Not yet, no. There are dataslates being released that imply this but they have not been released yet, and there is nothing to indicate that they are Slaughter-exclusive. They are very likely to be available to stock CSM at the very least, potentially open for anyone with CSM allies.

Incidentally, this is the Fantasy board. You want the 40k section a little lower down.