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17-03-2014, 21:02
I am building my first warhammer fantasy army after a 10 year hiatus. I am sculpting for the last four month now and if I keep the pace I can start to paint in early summer. But the urge to play is unsurmountable. Therefor I am going to fasttrack some of the units and begin with painting right away. I want a 2400 point army that is pretty stable against many opponents so that I can pratice with this core until I have finished the rest of the project.

The background is not finished yet, because it is shifting every time I start an new unit and it will take some more time to settle down. They are vampiric elves from the nordic wastes, that ride into battle on sabretooths, giant ravens, dire wolves and ice skiffs (longboats on skids). They are ruled by a caste of priests of Anath Raema, the goddess of cruel hunt, and Nerthu, the keeper of the underworld. They are evil, but have a very clean appearance - no spikes or rundown clothes. I combine High Elves aesthetic (scaly armour, clean, round and convex edges, bows) with a scandinavian theme, but twisted into a sinister version. I use the Dark Elf armylist for the moment because it fits the theme better, but this may change - especially because there is nothing to represent the ravens.

The White Hunt of Hel

Supreme Sorceress 285 points
level 3, Dark Magic
Book of Furion, Black Amulet, The other tricksters shard
spells: Power of Darkness, Doom Bolt, Soul Stealer
* represents: High Priestess of Anath Raema

Noble 213 points
Battle Standard Bearer, Dark Pegasus
Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Cloak ofTwilight
* Corvulkyrie, ravenwinged angel of death

Deathhag 275 points
Cauldron of Blood
* High Priest of Nerthu on sepulchral ice barge

25 Darkshards 355 points
full command
* Harpooneers

25 Corsairs 305 points
additional handweapon, full command
* Crimson lions - twisted White Lions of Chrace that are accompanied by flayed lions (their cloaks have to come from somewhere)

10 Witchelves 110 points
* Huntresses

5 Dark Riders 110 points
Shields, Crossbows, Musician
* Corvus guard

10 Executioners 130 points
* Deathscythes - monks of Nerthu

10 Executioners 130 points
* Deathscythes

5 Cold One Knights 150 points
* Sabretooth Headhunters

3 Bolt Throwers 210 points
* Yeti Archers

5 Warlocks 125 points
* Dire Wolf Conjurer
Total: 2398 points

The Cold Ones and the noble should hunt warmachines. The Corsairs, Darkshard and the cauldron hold the middle and the small units should deal damage and support the large blocks. That's the plan at least but I don't know if this can work.

Thanks in advance for any feedback :)

07-02-2015, 17:12
Maybe u should take th executioners iN bigger units if those executioners are charged they could be wiped out before attacking

07-02-2015, 17:13
Not worth taking a cauldron if u r not taking a horde of witch elves all it does is attract fire