View Full Version : Crucible 3 Grand Tournament - 5 Rounds - 2500pts

17-03-2014, 21:57
Just posting my videos from the recent Tournament in Orlando a couple of weeks ago.

I took my Skaven army and being as it was my first grand tournament, I didn't bring a very optimized list despite it having quite a low comp score. I had a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next one, whenever that's going to be.

Round 1 versus the High Elves

Round 2 versus the Warriors of Chaos

Round 3 versus more Warriors of Chaos

Round 4 versus Tomb Kings

Round 5 versus Dark Elves

I was also able to record the final table match between the Dark Elves and the Daemons of Chaos. That one will be along in a few days.

Hope you all enjoy them!