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La Guerre Au Garage
17-03-2014, 22:12
Hi everyone,

So, what is "La Guerre Au Garage" (War in The Garage)?

We are Rémi and Mat, from France, and in our early thirties
For a year and a half now, we've been making Warhammer Battle video reports.

What we wanted: play Warhammer on nice tables, with entirely painted armies, and in a friendly atmosphere.

We regularly invite players (who are also very good painters!) to our table

The enthusiasm of the French Community for our project have pushed us today to make our videos in the language of Shakespeare.

Today, we are presenting a teaser for La Guerre Au Garage #5

It's a short animation film which introduces the battle in an historical context.

The battle report will be released in April and will be entirely dubbed in english

Out of Men Sight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09EDvnU82xI&feature=youtu.be)


You can now see our work on our new Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Guerre-Au-Garage/303416939811076?fref=ts).
For now, the first four episodes of La Guerre au Garage are in french only but will probably be dubbed shortly

Meanwhile, a few pictures of our work:









We hope you will appreciate our project as much as we took pleasure in realising it

Thank you for your support!

Rémi & Matéo

19-03-2014, 10:27
Amazingly professional video teaser. I am keen to see the video. I am going to check your french reports, a good way to refresh my french. :D

19-03-2014, 12:15
The teaser is really great, can't wait the battle report.

21-03-2014, 18:35
Awesom teaser. I hope to see your reports too!

23-03-2014, 13:19
Have just watched your first report, Skaven versus Dark Elf, very impressive. Fantastic armies, well painted and converted, with great scenery. The interplay of computer graphics and good quality photographs works together to create a splendid result. I just wish my French was up to the task. Thank you very much, look forward to seeing your work in the future.

La Guerre Au Garage
23-03-2014, 16:07
Thanks for the replies :)
The next battle report will in 2 version, French as usual and a totally english dubbed version, we will work with 2 english player who lives in France :)

24-03-2014, 08:08
I am anxious to watch them! Everything looks awesome, the problem is I don't speak French... But you are taking care if that, thx!

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La Guerre Au Garage
29-03-2014, 09:34

We are Glad to share with you 2 Video, a showcase of our demon army and our new game table specially made for our next battle report: