View Full Version : How does The Hobbit compare to LotR?

18-03-2014, 12:36
Hi all,

Quick question - how does the Hobbit game compare to the Lord of the Rings game? I've heard good stuff about LotR's rules - are the Hobbit's broadly the same? I have an old starter set (the first one they released) in the loft somewhere but the large number of LotR rulebooks now available and higher quality (imho) of the Hobbit's models (plus the fact that the entire range is still available) are attracting me to the newer game if it is broadly the same experience.


18-03-2014, 17:32
The basic mechanics are the same. Move shoot fight. Army building is different: you need one hero for every 12 grunts. This means you may require one of the sourcebooks. There were some minor points changes but nothing shattering so you could probably my just use the points values from whatever books you have and just use the above hero to grunt ratio.

Biggest changes are the weapons rule: an axe can be used to a different effect than a sword for example. Magic was toned down a little, a nazgul transfix is not as deadly but can be brought back to the old rule by adding might. Shooting has changed as well, any move before a shoot results in a +1 to the models shoot value( so a 3+ becomes a 4+). No more volley fire.
So shooting was nerfed.
Spear support is now part of a fight instead of just adding +1 attack.
Monsters have their own set of special rules which now makes them viable and honestly much more fun to play ( you can choose to throw a model that has lost the fight vs a monster, which can play havoc with your enemy even if it does no real killing. ).
They changed the random scenarios and I am not a huge fan. The old ones from legions of middle earth were more tactical. The ones from the sourcebooks are kind of bland.

So TLDR same basic game with some tweaks.