View Full Version : 500 point night goblins

18-03-2014, 15:42
Hi Looking for suggestions on the below list it is a 500 point night goblin army that is the start of a squig themed ng army. I have not played in a long time and looking to get back but just looking for feed back before I order and paint my army.

Hero (101)
night Goblin big boss ( great weapon and lightarmour enchanted shield)
Night gobliin shaman

Core (257)

Night goblin X29 ( spear, nets, fc) 1xfanatic (will be converted with cave squig on a chain instead of ball) big boss goes here
Night goblin X20 (shortbow , musician)

special ( 60 )
squig hopper X5

Rare (80)

Doom diver catapult (will be converted to a squig flinger and night goblins)

So what do you guys think and comments or improvements would be appreciated.

19-03-2014, 21:29
I think you have a decent start on an army.
When building a larger force, the basic NG models will always be useful.
As for the squig hopper models, they aren't that overly fantastic in game terms, but they do fit your theme and I don't think you could drop them to fit in a squig herd big enough to be useful.
Future expansions to this force could include more ng (think big for combat units, like 70 to 100 models per unit), squig herds, trolls, a NG big boss on a cave squig, more artillery...