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18-03-2014, 16:57
Just back to playing fantasy trying to win a game or 2, how does this look

Sorc- MoT- charmed shield

7 warhounds

Warriors x 14 standard, champ, MoT- shield

Dragin ogres x 3

Gorebeast chariot- nurgle

18-03-2014, 19:36
Put Festus the Leechlord in your warriors instead of the sorc. Very entertaining to play, and gives the entire unit 5+ regen and poisonous attacks. Lvl 2 wizard and a character killer as well.

At least that's what I'd do.

19-03-2014, 07:41
but hes a full 60 points more, what would i swap out?

19-03-2014, 20:35
Do you need a Gorebeast chariot, of Nurgle. At 750 points I think a regular chariot, with no mark should be a sufficient infantry support unit. That could get you some extra points, but I wouldn't spend it on Festus or any other special character. I would also drop the MoT on the sorc and the warriors to either get more warriors or try to work a unit of maraders in.

20-03-2014, 00:39
but hes a full 60 points more, what would i swap out?
He also would take you over 25% for heroes. A bad idea and illegal as well.

20-03-2014, 01:06
Ah right I was 2.5 points off for it to be legal.. Ask for a 800 point game, makes for rounder numbers too :p or ignore my advice, the warriors would need MoN for Festus to go in there anyway :) Special characters makes the game much more fun!

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20-03-2014, 12:02
I dont need a nurgle gorebeast but i love that model! i suppose i could drop it to a normal chariot and proxy, its an escalation tourny so 500-750-1000-1250-1500-2000 so i have to try and keep the same models but develop them :) so the sorc can start non marked but 15pts isnt enough for a marked warrior