View Full Version : first attempt at a high elf 2,500 point list

19-03-2014, 04:01
Im goin up against 2,500 points of darks elves with my high elves on sunday. Here's the list i've come up with. Any pointers over anything would be helpful. Here's what i got.

Teclis: flame cage, curse of anraheir, final transmutation, net of amyntok, throne of vines, wind blast, enfeebling foe, purple sun

Lothern sea helm: bow, obsidian lodestone

5 x reavers: musician, bows with no spears

5 x reavers: musician, bows with no spears

21 x sword masters: full command, sword of battle, banner of swiftness

5 x dragon princes: full command, star lance, Banner of the world dragon

2 x bolt thrower

10 x sisters of avelorn

Flamespyre phoenix

47 x lothern sea guard: full command, shield - contains teclis and sea helm

Im limited to use the models i have.
I threw the sea helm in with the seaguard
to add a ward save to the kinda squishy sea guard.
Gonna start them out 16 x 3 to gain maximum shooting then
Use the sea helms naval discipline to combat reform if he gets
In close enough to charge. That and use combos from teclis
Like throne then purple sun, flame cage to wind blast, enfeeblimg foe
To flame cage then possibly a wind blast. I've played
The same army before only at 3,000 points. Any pointers would be great