View Full Version : Gyrobomber vs Gyrocopter which is best for tournament play?

19-03-2014, 14:45
As i have already put up many a time i play mainly a gunline dwarf army until recently that meant put as many shooty things in the army as possible and stay in place and let the enemy come to me.
However many people have commented that i should get a a few Gyrocopters.

Now what i would like to know is if you where to play in a tournament and you could the choice where between either 2 Gyrocopters or 2 Gyrobomber or 1 of each, which would you choose and why?

I can see the Gyrocopter being great for harassment and staling opponents.
However the Gyrobomber has that nice big template that basically ensures that in most chases it can do so damage and further help diminishing those those giant units you most DEFIANTLY donīt want to get into close combat, especially if you play a gunline army.

So which is best 2 Gyrocopters or 2 Gyrobombers or one of each and why?

19-03-2014, 19:31
I feel that the bomber is just too expensive for what it has to offer. The copters can be used as redirectors, harassment, and chaff neutralization (most of the time).

20-03-2014, 01:38
You want copters as the bomber is slightly unreliable. However, the bomber is useful if you know that your local meta is full of 40+ model units.

20-03-2014, 04:39
I like the bomber more ( model and rules) but I think the copter is a better option overall