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The Waycrystal of Winter

“Something is not right,” said Saefyna the Spellweaver, glancing around the shadows beneath the pine trees. “The time has come but the season has not broken.”

Sarathai, her sister, gathered her cloak about her shoulders and shivered against the icy winds moaning across the plateau, high in the Grey Mountains.

“I told you the rumour of twisted creatures roaming the mountains was true! It is as well the Wild Riders came after all,” said Kyarlu. The raven-haired rider brandished one of his twin swords and glared into the forest, still gloomy despite the coming of dawn. “Are these mists usual this late in the season?”

“Don’t start your posturing again, stripling,” sighed Roywan of the Heath Guards. The tall warrior’s bronze, fluted armour was wrapped in the pelt of a red bear. Kyarlu snarled at Roywan, and the two rivals squared up to one another.

“We had better perform the observance quickly, then,” Sarathai whispered to her sister as the males strutted and snorted like stags before mating season. “We are far from the sanctuary of Loren up here.”

Saefyna nodded and at her signal the band of elves glided into position either side of the frozen river. At its centre, a sapphire light twinkled from its place embedded beneath the ice. Saefyna knelt here and murmured the mystical mantra to welcome the thaw that would see the river begin its rush, heralding the spring equinox and the flood of life-water that would eventually awaken the King and Queen in the Wood, far below in the sacred forest.

The sapphire light sparkled in response to the Spellweaver’s words. She swept brushes of fresh-cut pine around her bare knees, enticing the first cracks to appear to reveal the priceless magical gem that guarded the purity of the river.

Kyarlu and Roywan continued trading whispered insults on one side of the river. Sarathai hissed at them, “Quiet! The tree spirits are watching.”

Sarathai drank in the fresh, sweet smell of pine as the wind died down and silence wrapped the ceremony. Then, something else tickled her nose: Something scented and fragrant at first, but leaving a foul, unnatural aftertaste in her throat.

Saefyna paused in her incantations and the two sisters locked eyes. The Spellweaver had sensed something, too, but something deeper than mundane perfume: Something amiss in the magical web beneath their feet.

A terrible shriek shattered the silence on the mountaintop – a cacophonic choir of twisted voices that froze the elves’ blood in their veins. Saefyna leapt to her feet. The curtains of mists abruptly lifted, revealing them for the magical illusion they had been. Across the broken ground of the mountain woods, an army of perversion leered at the Wood Elves.

“Warriors of Chaos!” yelled Kyarlu, who turned and ran for his waiting steed.
Roywan shouted to his warriors and they collected their long spears with grim silence.
Wrapped in cloaks and kilts of brown and deep reds, the Glade Guards unslung longbows from their backs.

Saefyna dashed to Sarathai’s side. “Slaanesh,” she spat the despised word. “They will want to take the Waycrystal from the river.”

“Then we will stop them!” Sarathai said.

* * *

2000 point battle! WE vs WoC. Straight Meeting Engagement.

WE list:
Saefyna (Spellweaver): Level 4, Ranu’s Heartstone
Sarathai (Noble): Light armour, shield, spear, eagle, Hail of Doom
15 Glade Guards: Standard
10 Glade Guards
10 Glade Guards
5 Scouts
6 Treekin
5 Wild Riders: Full command
15 Eternal Guards: Full command
1 Treeman

WoC list:
Maulhowl the Torturer (Daemon Prince): Mark of Slaanesh, level 2 sorcerer, flight
Kelek Jangletongue (Chaos Sorcerer): Mark of Slaanesh, level 2, hideous visage, skull of katam
Warduke Anphiston (Exalted Hero): MoS, barded Chaos steed, BSB, shield, sword of might, dawnstone
5 Chaos Hounds
5 Chaos Hounds
25 Marauders of Chaos: MoS, shields, flails, full command
20 Warriors of Chaos: MoS, shields, halberds, full command, Banner of Eternal Flame
5 Hellstriders of Slaanesh: Hellreaver, Hellscourges
6 Chaos Knights: MoS, lances, full command, Banner of Swiftness
1 Chimaera

WE Deployment (looking from my end, left to right):
Far left: Wild Riders
Inside left: Treekin
Centre: 10xGlade Guards, then 15xGG and Saefyna, then 10xGG
Inside right: Treeman
Outside right: Eternal Guards
Far right: Sarathai on Great Eagle

WoC Deployment (looking from my end, left to right):
Far left: Deamon Prince behind wood
Left flank: Knights & Exalted Hero behind wood
Centre left: Chaos Warriors & Sorcerer
Centre right: Marauders
* 2 x Chaos Hound units in between the infantry blocks
Right flank: Chimaera behind crag
Far right: Hellstriders

Two large forests, one on each side of the table, made the battlefield a sort of forested valley. The centre was clear but for a long lake (we agreed it to be dangerous terrain to all unit types, reflecting that it was frozen but prone to cracking!). A big rocky crag (impassable) was towards the Chaos end on the right flank. Two hills in the WE deployment zone, and one more in the Chaos end, plus some inconsequential bushes in the Chaos left corner.

* * *


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Chaos turn 1:

Sarathai dashed to her loyal friend, Anra the great eagle, and leapt upon his back. The majestic bird of prey screamed and launched into the sky. Icy wind rushed through Sarathai’s flame-coloured hair and she scrutinized the situation on the ground below. The Wood Elves had quickly prepared for battle. Kyarlu and his Wild Riders galloped to the left flank, while Roywan’s Heath Guards took the right. The Glade Guards grouped into three kinbands, with the centre unit led by Scarloc. They formed a bodyguard around Saefyna.

Scarloc peered at the enemy from beneath his green hood, then said to Saefyna, “We are outmatched. It may be better to retreat.”

“Abandoning the Waycrystal before the ceremony is complete is not an option,” she replied to the veteran tactician. She leaned closer and whispered, “and we are not alone.”

Around them, strange groans and creaks emanated from the woods.

The Chaos legion began its march. A regiment of warriors clanked forwards, brandishing wicked halberds and suited in the distinctive obsidian armour of Chaos, tainted with a violet patina. The Slaaneshi champions bore the gifts of their deity, some gripping their weapons in crablike claws, others with tentacle-like tongues lolling beneath their facemasks. Beside them, a horde of mutated barbarians from the Northern Wastes guarded the flank of their superiors, muscular bodies of grey skin painted in the sigils of Slaanesh.

Ahead of the infantry, the Chaos Hounds bounded. Warped by the taint of Chaos, the monstrous canines were swollen to the size of horses, with slavering fangs and dagger-like claws tearing at the turf as they stampeded towards the elves.

Circling the plateau on her war eagle’s back, Sarathai spotted movement through the pine groves dotting the right flank. She squinted. There, creatures of the aether slithered on multiple legs, their snakelike bodies blessed with powerful limbs. Daemons. And their twisted riders bore hellscourges with which to drive on their bloodthirsty mounts.

Then another deafening roar rolled across the heavens and an indescribable monster stomped into view from behind a tall crag. The Wood Elves all took a collective gasp. With the winged body of a dragon, multiple beastly heads and a tail that ended with a mace heavy enough to smash through castle gates, the Chimaera’s footsteps shook the very ground.

Before Sarathai could decide how the elves were going to repel the surprise attack, another shock revealed itself. Swooping on gigantic, bat-like wings down the left flank, a monstrous abomination landed atop a bluff and roared his challenge. Sarathai’s heart fluttered. This behemoth was known to the kindred of the Wild Heath; the Daemon Prince, Maulhowl the Torturer. He gripped a massive barbed scourge in one claw and pointed a long, sinewy finger at the Wild Riders that dared gallop out to face him.

At the heart of the Glade Guard archers, Saefyna clutched her chest, gasping as evil magic surged through the lands beneath her feet. The dark prince was casting some diabolical hex and she was powerless before its might. Indigo mists suffused the air around Kyarlu and his riders, invading their throats and noses.

“Oh no,” said Saefyna. “Oh, Isha, please no!”

WE turn 1:

Kyarlu tried to shout something defiant, but the foul gas seized his body. All the riders twitched and convulsed and evil magic numbed their limbs. Even the noble steeds barked and screamed, their minds boiling with tormenting energy.

The Wild Riders could only manage a stumbling crawl towards Maulhowl.

Saefyna could not help them, not now, as the elves responded to the attack. Instead she sang, her words laced with natural life magic, as she desperately called upon the woods to aid her kinsmen.

“We are awake, treefriend,” breathed a deep voice like a groaning wind. Gnarled trees marched from the copse to the left, their sturdy limbs creaking as they moved. The Treekin, ancient forest spirits, faced the enemy warriors with deep eye sockets glowering with rage.

“Hrummm drummm, we will destroy these mutants!” said the voice again, this time from the right. A broad and truly antediluvian oak tree shifted in the midst of the pines. Adanhu, wisest of the Treemen, marched out from the coppice on the right upon huge limbs like tree trunks.

Saefyna sensed the woodlands awakening to the call of the primeval spirits and she stretched out a hand, grasping onto an invisible strand of jade energy. She manipulated the magic in her mind and channeled it into the pines, beseeching their aid. The forest replied.

A hurricane of stakes, sharpened to dagger points and glowing with emerald magic hurtled at the oncoming Chaos Hounds, skewering them in the eyes or throats. Three of the beasts fell gurgling, but the others pounded on, closing the distance to the Glade Guard kinbands with every stride.

As one the elven marksmen trained their longbows upon the hounds, then at Scarloc’s shouted command they let loose their arrows. The missiles buzzed like angry hornets across the rock-strewn lands before slamming into chests and hearts. Saefyna breathed a sigh of relief as the last of the hounds died before they could tear apart their Asrai prey.

Then her stare hardened as she witnessed the Marauders and Warriors continuing their march behind the fallen canines. The beasts had just been a diversion to distract their shooting. She exchanged a glance with Scarloc. He nodded understanding then peered ahead.

“Where are the scouts?”

Beyond the lines of elven archers, secreted high in the branches of a thick stand of pines, Taella Sparrowsong traded bird-call signals with her scout-kin. The Chaos army was marching all around them, but the slender elves had spotted yet another threat. Riding upon broad-chested steeds with heavy barding, the massive Knights of Slaanesh readied their lances. Taella knew their champion, too. Anphiston, Master of Torment, bore the flag of his prince. It made her sick to look at the twisting sigils upon the discoloured banner and she averted her eyes.

Steadying her trembling hands, she drew an arrow from her quiver and let fly at the knights. Her kinsmen did the same. The bodkins shattered against impossibly hard Chaos armour like matchsticks, but one found its mark, piercing the darkness behind an eye-visor. The scouts cheered as one of the warriors toppled from the back of his steed and crashed to the ground.

Meanwhile, across the far right flank of the battlefield, Sarathai soared forwards upon the back of Anra. Overflying the surging Hellstriders below, she twisted upon the eagle’s back and sighted a gnarled arrow created from entwined twigs of the magical Wych Elm tree. She released with a shout and the arrow splintered into a swarm of shining emerald shards. The hail of doom engulfed the shocked daemons and they howled as the magical wounds cut deep into their scaly bodies, banishing them back to the aether. When the storm passed, only two of the hellish riders remained.


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Chaos turn 2:

With an obscene curse, Maulhowl swooped towards the still befuddled Wild Riders, his great whip twitching in his grip as if alive and hungry.

At the same time, the Chimaera thundered over the rocks upon its dragon-wings, straight towards the nearest kinband of Glade Guards. At the signal of their leader, the nimble elves turned in a swirl of red cloaks and scampered away from the monster. But the icy ground thwarted their retreat, and with a swipe of its tail, it flung the broken bodies of elves in all directions. In their place, ancient Adanhu stomped forward. The Chimaera accepted the challenge and diverted its charge toward the Treeman.

Meanwhile, Anphiston coldly regarded the fallen Chaos knight, shaking his head with contempt for the weakling. Then he turned his impenetrable glare at the woods where the scouts were hiding and unsheathed his diabolical sword. The hexed weapon growled with anticipation and Anphiston titled his banner forward to signal his remaining knights. They thundered into the woods, and the elves fled with terror in their hearts.

On the right flank, the two remaining Hellstriders barely paused in their dash, circling around behind the elven lines. At the centre of the elven batteline, Saefyna was unaware of this threat to their flank, instead focused upon the great phalanxes of Warriors and Marauders inexorably closing the distance to her kinsmen.

At the heart of the regiment of giant Chaos warriors, she recognised an old foe. “Jangletongue…” she spat his name. The sorcerer slithered upon his snake-like torso, three clawed hands clutching the skull-headed Staff of Katam. A forked tongue flickered from the sorcerer’s maw, tasting the flow of Chaos magic, and he pointed a claw directly at Saefyna.

Again, Saefyna gritted her teeth and fought to control the rise of foul Chaos magic. Again, she failed. Bile rose into her throat as the sorcerer overcame her mental defenses. From the cold air, spinning blades manifested from clouds of pink energy. The sorcerous shards sliced through the ranks of Glade Guards, slashing painful wounds. Jangletongue’s tail-body quivered with ecstasy as he drank in the luxurious torment of the wounds, climaxing as several elves fell under the magical attack, their necks opened and their life-blood gushing away.

Maulhowl smashed into the Wild Riders on the left flank, his daemonic scourge cutting the air in deadly sweeps. The elves, still choking on the debilitating mists of acquiescence, were powerless to defend themselves. In moments the titanic prince of Slaanesh had destroyed the cavalry, chasing the few who remained as they fled blind from the battle.

Meanwhile, Anphiston and his Knights of Torment thundered into the woods where the scouts leapt from tree to tree to try and escape. Another knight fell, a suspiciously looping root snaring the leg of his snorting mount, throwing the rider. But the charge did not pause for the fallen and despite their nimbleness the scouts were caught and butchered. Anphiston himself snatched Taella, screaming, and crushed her slender body in his incredible grip.

Saefyna exchanged a dismayed glance with Scarloc. In only the opening moments of the battle, they had lost a kinband of Glade Guards, the Wild Riders and the scouts. All elven eyes turned to the clash of the monstrous creatures on the right.

Adanhu muttered defiance and the winged monster’s roars rolled across the plateau as the two behemoths wrestled. They each succeeded in tearing a great wound from the other, but neither was about to break away from this challenge. The mountains trembled under their mighty footsteps, and the first cracks appeared in the frozen river.

WE turn 2:

Saefyna witnessed the lines opening in the waterway and exclaimed, “The season is breaking!”

The elven fightback began. To the left, the Treekin pounded forward and charged at the Chaos Knights that had emerged from the pine woods, still enjoying their easy hunt of the scouts. To the right, Sarathai whispered encouragement to her war eagle, and the majestic bird of prey angled his great wings. With a rush of wind, they soared down towards the Hellstriders racing behind the elven battlelines.

Either side of Saefyna, the scarlet-cloaked elven archers unleashed volley after volley of deadly missiles at the oncoming ranks of Chaos warriors. Several fell, elven arrows finding weak points even in their uncanny armour. But at their forefront, Jangletongue laughed, seeing the panic rise upon the Spellweaver’s face.

Saefyna sought a strand of green magic amidst the vortexes of invisible energy swirling about the battlefield. The season was breaking, the spring coming, but the Chaos sorcerer seemed more than a match for her powers. Saefyna sagged, unable to successfully cast a spell this time.

Meanwhile, the Treekin slammed into the Knights of Torment, great branch-arms swinging unstoppable blows, hurling several of the mighty warriors from their saddles. The champions of Chaos fought back with wood-chopping swings of their broadswords, and Anphiston held the army of Slaanesh’s banner high. Despite the tree spirits gaining the upper hand in the fight, the knights were going nowhere.

On the opposite side of the battlefield, Sarathai and Anra dived into the Hellstriders. The frenzied riders surprised the elven princess, their long scourges whipping out in cruel blows before she could even strike. A wound opened across her thigh. But Sarathai was not to be denied, and with her spear she shattered the aethereal presence of one daemonic beast, while Anra tore the last apart with razor-sharp talons.

All the while, beside the river at the centre of the battlefield, Adanhu the Treeman and the Chimaera traded ground-shaking blows and thunderous roars, and still neither could gain the upper hand. Shards of ice began to float away on the surface of the river and the waters below began to flow. The sapphire light of the Waycrystal fluttered in its depths.


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Chaos turn 3:

Saefyna sensed that the momentum of the Chaos army had been halted, if only briefly, by the power of the tree spirits fighting at the flanks. Then her mouth dropped open as she witnessed the marching infantry regiments slowly, ominously, alter their course.

The clanking Warriors led by Jangletongue turned their formation, preparing to make an assault upon the Treekin battling with the last remaining knights. At the same time, the mob of Marauders turned right, changing formation beneath their flag ready to slam into Adanhu’s flank while he was still locked in mortal combat with the Chimaera.

Finally, with a scream to remind the elves of his terrible presence, Maulhowl the Deamon Prince returned from his exultant routing of the Wild Riders. His huge, bat-like wings carried him to the flank of the left-most kinband of Glade Guards.

Saefyna cried out as the dark prince stretched out a sorcerous claw once more and called upon the magical might of his fiendish deity. She tried to thwart the spell, but Jangletongue added his mental powers to that of his prince, and together they smothered her defiance. Saefyna could only wait and watch to see what terrible spell had been cast.

Instead of striking the Glade Guards, Maulhowl turned his claw at the last moment and pointed towards his champion and standard-bearer, Anphiston, still battling with the Treekin. Anphiston shuddered as his body became infused with the power of Slaanesh. His eyes snapped open behind his facemask, glowing with hysterical frenzy, and he unleashed a whirlwind of carnage with his magical broadsword, smashing wounds into the tree spirits left and right.

The elves watched with breaths held as the Treekin staggered before the onslaught. But the ancient spirits had seen and suffered worse in their long lives. They fought back, limbs creaking with age, and gradually battered Anphiston and his last retainer into the ground. The elves cheered. The knights were no more!

And still the titanic tussle between the Chimaera and Treeman continued, both becoming exhausted by their exertions and unable to wound each other this time. Saefyna looked from the Treeman to the Marauders and knew their numbers combined with a flank charge would topple the ancient guardian of the forest. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned. Scarloc locked eyes with her.

“We have our own plan about that,” he said.

WE turn 3:

Through the forest of pines on the right side of the battlefield, tall elven warriors in bronze armour advanced. Roywan the Wildbear, their leader, marshaled his men and they reformed at the edge of the woods ready to repel the northmen.

On the left flank, the kinband of Glade Guards threatened by the Daemon Prince kept their resolve and turned neatly as a group. Ten longbows pulled taught and then a swarm of arrows flew at the monster. Maulhowl roared as the missiles pierced his smoking skin, the wounds feeding his perverse pleasure as much as his anger.

Meanwhile the central kinband of archers released yet more arrows at the flank of the regiment of Chaos warriors, who were now intent upon charging the Treekin. Three more fell, to be ignored by their fellow champions of Chaos.

However, Saefyna sensed a break in the concentration of her sorcerous tormentors, their attention focused on the anticipation of spilling blood, and managed to tame a loose swirl of life energy. She sang, sending her powers toward the battered Treekin. The spell of regrowth took hold, and as the first flowers of spring blossomed at their feet, the wounds of the Treekin were healed.

The river cracked further, the flow of life magic infecting the whole battlefield, and flying overhead Sarathai felt the magical touch of her sister. The bleeding gash in her thigh sealed over to leave an angry bruise.

And then with a ground-shaking crash, the Chimaera finally fell, bleeding from deep wounds, as Adanhu the Treeman finally overcame the monster.

Saefyna allowed a sly smile to cross her face. The turning point in the battle had come.

Chaos turn 4:

If the army of Slaanesh also sensed the change of season, they defied it with a cacophonic choir of voices. They were far from finished in their orgy of blood.

Maulhowl swept forwards, but not towards the Glade Guards as they had expected. Instead he swooped towards the rear of the Treekin. At the same time, Jangletongue urged his Chaos warriors forwards and they charged the tree spirits from the other direction.

Then the horde of Marauders charged at Adanhu. Still laboring under the wounds torn from his bark-like skin by the Chimaera, the Treeman planted his trunk-like legs and prepared for fresh melee.

Saefyna felt the power of Chaos rise like vomit in her throat, and against the combined power of Jangletongue and the Daemon Prince was unable to repel all of the hexes spewed across the battlefield. The swirl of pinkish energy that escaped her control settled upon the Chaos warriors, and Saefyna sobbed as she recognised the spell. Again, the hysterical frenzy infected their limbs, as it had done for their fallen champion Anphiston. But this time Maulhowl, too, seemed to double in physical presence, the feedback from the spell filling him with bliss in torment.

With the Slaaneshi warriors’ massive halberds rising and falling with impossible speed, coupled with the primal fury of the Daemon Prince, the Treekin could not survive. Despite their recently granted regrowth, the forest spirits were overcome by the onslaught and destroyed utterly.

Maulhowl and his armoured minions turned towards Saefyna and the Glade Guards with malicious intent in their eyes.

However, on the right side of the battlefield, Adanhu again fought with heroic resolution, surviving the bites of countless Marauder axes and fighting back with great sweeps of his arms, smashing the northmen like battering rams. Stubbornly rooted to the spot, the Treeman refused to give ground.

WE turn 4:

It was the final stand, Saefyna realised. The battle was in the balance. With a shrill note from their horn, the Heath Guards rushed at the flank of the Marauders battling with great Adanhu, the stubbornness of the Treeman allowing them to catch the barbarians off guard.

Saefyna took a deep breath and called upon her deepest reserves of mental energy. She sang to the heart of the mountain, touching the ancient life magic stored there. Roywan and his spearmen felt a strange magic creep from the rocks beneath their feet and permeate their limbs. Before the eyes of the astonished Marauders, the flesh of the elven Heath Guards turned to stone.

Meanwhile, the elven archers steadied trembling arms and fixed their aims upon the enemies that had begun to march at them anew. Scarloc’s kinband unleashed a volley at the Chaos warriors, and yet more fell. With their ranks reduced, their numbers were starting to look more like a warband than an army. Another arrow added to the tally, and Saefyna looked skyward to witness Sarathai flying overhead upon Anra. The sisters exchanged a knowing look. The battle could be won or lost at this point.

The kinband to the left targeted Maulhowl, and yet more arrows buried themselves into his daemonic skin. Chunks of ice now disintegrating and floating away, the river was building momentum towards its spring rush, and Saefyna sensed the Daemon Prince lose a grip on its presence in this reality, just a fraction.

A tense battle erupted between the bewitched Heath Guards and Marauders, spear-thrusts from the elves finding gaps in the barbarian shieldwall due to their flank-charge maneuver. The northmen tried to strike back, but their weapons bounced uselessly from the hardened skin of the Asrai warriors. And Adanhu stamped and smashed, breaking yet more bodies of the followers of Slaanesh.

The barbarians were outmatched, and in their haste to try and turn to alter the flow of the fight, panic spread through their ranks. The Marauders broke from the combat, to be mercilessly pursued and cut down by the triumphant elves.


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Chaos turn 5:

“Forget them!” Maulhowl ordered in a voice like a smoldering furnace. “They are weak.”

He pointed at the thin line of elven archers ahead. “Take them!”

The Warriors clanked forwards, Jangletongue slithering at their head, his forked tongue flickering with anticipation as he locked eyes once more upon Saefyna. Maulhowl swooped forwards, his wings taking him ahead of his warriors, the angle directing him at the left-side kinband of Glade Guards.

The archers hastily let fly one last volley of arrows, but the terror of the Daemon Prince’s presence spoiled their aim, and not one arrow could find its way to wound the beast.

Jangletongue uttered forbidden words, sending hex after hex flying at Saefyna. She parried and twisted mentally, trying to divert the surges of magical energy, saving her kinsmen from terrible spells. But one incantation was unleashed directly at her, and this time she did not have the reaction to stop it. Ghostly apparitions manifested in the cold air around the Spellweaver. They looked like fell daemons, but only half-real, like illusions in the sunshine. Yet they wielded barbed scourges, and with these they whipped Saefyna while dancing a twisted pavane.

She dropped to her knees, her kinsmen looking on in horror. They could not see the whips, nor the daemonic torturers, but great slashes ripped open across Saefyna’s body and elven blood spurted.

Scarloc tried to grab her shoulder, but Saefyna writhed uncontrollably under the magical torment. His attention was then seized by the screams of dying elves to his left.

Maulhowl landed amongst the Glade Guard kinband and tore them limb from limb in a frenzy of exultant destruction.

Scarloc realised his kinband of archers were now very alone, facing the Daemon Prince from one direction and the last of the warriors from another. And Saefyna was still screaming.

WE turn 5:

“Oh no you don’t!” exclaimed a voice from the sky. With a scream from her war eagle, Sarathai lowered her spear and swooped towards the Daemon Prince.

At the same time, dashing across the waters of the soon to be surging river, Roywan led his Heath Guards directly towards the band of Chaos warriors still standing beside Jangletongue.

Scarloc judged the distances and whistled to his kinsmen. He hooked an arm around Saefyna’s waist and heaved her up to a standing position. She had stopped screaming now.

“I’ll live,” she breathed, still shuddering after her magical torture.

He dragged her back with him as the elves retreated steadily, putting just the right amount of distance between them and the warriors, then turning and nocking fresh arrows. They unleashed a volley again at Jangletongue’s retainers and yet one more fell, leaving only nine of the Chaos champions.

Saefyna released herself from Scarloc’s supporting arm and stood straight. Her violet eyes sparkled with anger and she called once more upon the power of life magic. With Maulhowl focused on fighting Sarathai, Jangletongue was caught by surprise by the vengeful resolve of the Spellweaver. The woods awakened, and stakes of pine energised by emerald magic smashed at the sorcerer and his minions.

And then there were only eight. Then the elves watched the battle between Sarathai and Maulhowl unfold.

Sarathai quashed the fear in her heart and thrust out with her spear. The Daemon smashed it aside with a lash from his great whip. She drew her short sword and stabbed for his eyes, but again the abomination was more than equal. He laughed as he grabbed her forearm and twisted, forcing her to drop the weapon. With another lash from his scourge, Maulhowl trapped Sarathai in its coils, her arms pinned to her sides, then smashed Anra away with his free hand.

The elves moaned with dismay. Sarathai was defeated!

Chaos turn 6:

Still bellowing with laughter, the Daemon Prince flapped his great wings again and swooped towards the last kinband of Glade Guards.

“Hold… Hold!” called Scarloc. “And fire!”

At the last moment the elves unleashed their arrows and this time the combined volley did not err in its path. A dozen holes were punched in the already weakened physical manifestation of the Daemon Prince. Barriers between dimensions fell away and in a swirl of purple energy, Maulhowl was banished back to his under-realm.

The elven archers cheered, but Saefyna turned her gaze back to the river and the Chaos warriors. Jangletongue was stunned by the loss of his monarch, but he reached out clawed hands and called again upon the daemonic torturers to dance their pavane upon her back.

This time, with the presence of Maulhowl banished from the battlefield, Saefyna was equal to the task, and she threw up her mental defenses. The lashes came and went, and the daemonic voices whispered in the air, but she was not marked this time.

Jangletongue cursed. He looked to his left, where the Treeman and Heath Guards were dashing towards his warriors, then back to the Glade Guards that had retreated beyond their reach. He knew he had one last chance.

“Quick! Get the Waycrystal!” he hissed, pointing to the river. The warriors splashed into the waters and hooked their halberds beneath the surface where the sapphire light had been. They exchanged confused looks when they could not find the crystal. Jangletongue cried out in frustration.

“You fool,” said Saefyna, now advancing confidently at the head of elven Glade Guards. “The Waycrystal is part of the river. When the thaw comes, its essence becomes one with the flow.”

“It melted away, just like the ice?” Jangletongue shook his head with disbelief.

“You still under-estimate the secrets of life magic,” said Saefyna.

WE turn 6:

The Glade Guards hammered the last warriors with arrows, while Saefyna orchestrated the now fully awake woods with further magical missiles. Jangletongue and the Chaos warriors fell and were swept away by the spring rush of the river.

“We won,” Scarloc said. “And the ceremony is completed. All is as it should be.”

“Not quite,” said Roywan, hurrying to reach their position with his Heath Guards. “Where is Sarathai?”

Saefyna turned and searched for her sister where the Daemon Prince had been destroyed. “Oh no,” she said. “He has taken her with him!”

“To the Realm of Chaos?” Roywan shook his head in denial.

“No. The banishment is only transitory. He will spawn again at the place where he was summoned,” she turned to the rest of the elves. “We must find this place…”



20-03-2014, 07:14

So, my mate from Osaka finally got hold of the new WoC book and called me up for a one-off game. He asked for a “Hardball” battle – code for a no-holds-barred powerlist game. While we usually play more balanced, skill-based games, I was happy to accept. It’s always a good exercise to try out powerlists we usually reserve for theoryhammer discussions - keeps you sharp - but I have to admit I’m totally out of touch in 8th Ed. I don’t even think I can live with powergames anymore, and did not know what to expect from the new WoC. However, as you saw above, his list actually seemed quite balanced to me. I did make the one proviso that we make sure to roll for scenario, as it should be done, and I think this tempered his choices. The range of scenarios keeps you honest and makes you pick a variety of units for different purposes. Then we rolled the basic battleline anyway. Heh.

For my part, I basically picked my usual 2k list, but with Eternal Guards squeezed in instead of Wardancers. I guess I expected lots of infantry hordes and wanted something that could disrupt ranks. Then I also picked a large unit of Treekin as the only real hardhitters in my armybook. I made sure to include enough banners in case the dreaded B&G came up. The rest was the usual strong shooting contingent backed up with a level-4 lifeweaver. I wasn’t totally confident (I play WE afterall), but my Asrai are famously lucky.

And you saw what happened… :)

While it was nice to pull out a win, I'm long past getting carried away with my rad skillz. It's a dice-based game afterall, and the Asrai pulled out the right rolls at the right time. And I'll say again, despite the threat of the powergame, his list didn't seem that different to past incarnations of his WoC I have faced. The DP was a handfull, and the Chimaera was awesome compared to the Spawns he used to pick in that slot. But they both met their match - the DP to sustained shooting, and the Chimaera to old woody. My EG did exactly what I wanted them to do, with a timely Flesh to Stone spell. I think his main mistake was charging the Treekin with the DP when he was well placed to roll up my flank. He said he wanted to make sure to wipe out the expensive Treekin (I think he suffered from temporary revenge syndrome after I knocked out his favourite knights heh), and feared lots of stand&shoots on the DP - which is what happened anyway.

I was maybe a bit rash charging my noble at the DP, gifting him those VPs, but he was down to 2 wounds and I thought she might get lucky.

Magic was around a lot but didn't dictate the whole game, I thought. I did roll up Dwellers but he made sure to save dispel dice to stop it every time while letting through some of my other spells. That pavane spell is nasty! I was just lucky he only rolled two wounds on my 'Weaver. Acquiesce is a bitch against WE, too. I made sure to stop that one after the first shock.

He was quite confident coming into the game, but stopped short of promising to table me (like I said, I am notoriously lucky heh), and I think he was quite disappointed in the end. He wants a return game some time, and may be looking round for a stronger list. Can anyone tell me what Slaanesh powerlists look like now? I've been out of it for too long. :cries:

I know it's all youtube reps these days, so thanks if you managed to read this. I didn't take photos, but I have some posed photos of my units if you want an idea of what they look like.

Thanks again!


20-03-2014, 10:17
Hey, nice report. I think the strongest WC lists are actually a mix of marks ( I think nurgle being the most favored/strongest). I think solo slaanesh mark isn't really power playing, though I'm not a chaos player so I can't say for sure. There is a guy I know who runs a slaanesh giant. Pretty nasty, a giant that hits first.

22-03-2014, 11:52
Hey, nice report. I think the strongest WC lists are actually a mix of marks ( I think nurgle being the most favored/strongest). I think solo slaanesh mark isn't really power playing, though I'm not a chaos player so I can't say for sure. There is a guy I know who runs a slaanesh giant. Pretty nasty, a giant that hits first.

Thanks for reading and replying, Glorfindel. Mixed marks sounds right. I wonder if my pal will lower himself to allying with those dirty Nurglists? Heh.

A Slaaneshi giant sounds just... weird... lol


31-03-2014, 01:50
Hey you and your great BRs are back! All is right with the world!

08-04-2014, 21:41
The strongest slannesh lists are the Cacophonous Choir lists (provided I spelled that right).

Basic idea is to take either a slanneshi DP or a Slanneshi Sorcerer Lord on a steed of slannesh, run/fly them into the center of your lines and 6 dice the big Choir. Everything within 12" takes a bit of damage (can't remember the exact amount), but all of your units gain the D6 random move rule instead of your normal movement. Essentially, you lose your next movement phase for a good portion of your army and the Chaos army is built for "Win-in-3-Turns-or-Less" mode.

Yet another reason why GW needs a miscast chart that scales to the number of dice used.

09-04-2014, 02:48
And if you fail to cast for any reason you lose a lit of points. It's like a more fair version of the flying death mage at the start of 8th. It's an glass cannon but a lot of things will go wrong when you need them not to.

09-04-2014, 09:32
Really nicely written battle report. I especially like how interweave game rules/spell names into the text to indicate what is happening without disrupting the flow.

The narrative story approach means you really don't need photos (in fact it's probably better without them). Just leave it to your readers imaginations!

Looking forward to reading the rematch.

Treg Almighty
09-04-2014, 12:36
Good bat rep. Thanks for the write up! I love this type of narrative

09-04-2014, 13:30
And if you fail to cast for any reason you lose a lit of points. It's like a more fair version of the flying death mage at the start of 8th. It's an glass cannon but a lot of things will go wrong when you need them not to.

The flying death Mage as a daemon prince is quite alive and well by the way. As an un armored Mage, not so much. A chaos sorcerer is not that. A daemon Prince is hilariously not that. You could put the sorcerer lord in some hellstriders for extra protection if you d like. You're still able to maneuver through the lines with vanguarding fast cav.

I'm not saying it's the unbeatable end all be all of ubercheddar, just that it's a strong list and I don't like the "I six dice a spell I win" nature of 8th edition. The question was if I knew any tough slannesh lists. This one is making the rounds on the tourney scene, including the us masters this year. It is undoubtably a strong slannesh list.

Wow, autocorrect is really weird, I should write a post without correcting it!

13-04-2014, 23:12
Hey you and your great BRs are back! All is right with the world!

Thanks, Sexy, it's nice to know the long story-style still has some readers. :)

I'm more motivated to write up the rematch (if it happens) than ever!


18-04-2014, 23:15
The strongest slannesh lists are the Cacophonous Choir lists (provided I spelled that right).

Basic idea is to take either a slanneshi DP or a Slanneshi Sorcerer Lord on a steed of slannesh, run/fly them into the center of your lines and 6 dice the big Choir. Everything within 12" takes a bit of damage (can't remember the exact amount), but all of your units gain the D6 random move rule instead of your normal movement. Essentially, you lose your next movement phase for a good portion of your army and the Chaos army is built for "Win-in-3-Turns-or-Less" mode.

Yet another reason why GW needs a miscast chart that scales to the number of dice used.

Good advice for what to look out for, Kylek, thanks. Does the spell automatically cause stupidity or just force a stupidity Ld test? (I don't have the CW book). While it would be a pain for my combat units, I tend to move the archers forward to get into S4 range, then backtrack as the enemy approaches anyway (they can move and shoot without penalty).

It might be worth investing in a dispel scroll, methinks.

Oh, and thanks for reading and replying! :)


23-04-2014, 03:40
Good advice for what to look out for, Kylek, thanks. Does the spell automatically cause stupidity or just force a stupidity Ld test? (I don't have the CW book). While it would be a pain for my combat units, I tend to move the archers forward to get into S4 range, then backtrack as the enemy approaches anyway (they can move and shoot without penalty).

It might be worth investing in a dispel scroll, methinks.

Oh, and thanks for reading and replying! :)


No stupidity, just random movement d6. Also always strike last. It creates a bubble of lost movement and decimates small units and monsters ie that bit of damage thing. If your units are suitably spaced, the damage is limited. If not, it's not good. I agree that being able to move and shoot helps out, but it also traps anything in that bubble for the chariots and skullcrushers that are ready and waiting. Being able to do this from combat is also just the icing on the cake.

12-05-2014, 00:15
Really nicely written battle report. I especially like how interweave game rules/spell names into the text to indicate what is happening without disrupting the flow.

The narrative story approach means you really don't need photos (in fact it's probably better without them). Just leave it to your readers imaginations!

Looking forward to reading the rematch.

Thanks for reading and leaving the nice comment, Laribold! The rematch is on standby until I sort out my real life... :)