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Mortarions scythe
20-03-2014, 22:08
Hey guys!

My playgroup is starting our first 40k campaign this weekend so I did some fluff from my force. Btw it is not planetary empires just narrative.

C&C greatly appreciated :D

Warband name: Sons of decay
leader: Crucius Leck
Formation: Formed recently from Mortarion's own forces.
Deity: Nurgle:cheese: (True alliegence to Mortarion however)
Speciality: Bio/chemical warfare... even more so than other Nurgle warbands.
Allies: Mortarion. Leck is also one of the only people to actually get along with Necrosius (Shared hatred in Typhus) therefore close ties with apostles of contagion.
Enimies: Leck has been trained to despise Typhus.

Back story:
Mortarion grew tired of all the attention Typhus was getting off Nurgle. Mortarion still felt betrayed by Typhus who turned the Legion over to Nurgle. Typhus now practically ignores all of Morti's orders, this leaves Mortarion with little capable commanders. He still gave orders to Necrosius but you know Necrosius;).

Mortarion decided to pick a lowly lord and test him by giving him a small warband made up of Mortarions own forces. If the lord passed this test Morti would grant him simmilar powers to that in which Nurgle i giving Typhus. Hence came Crucius Leck who's task was too cause as much destruction on the world of (Group hasn't decided on name yet).
Leck is extremely loyal and seeks to prove himself for the Legion.

Mission 1 vs Raven Guard:
Trial by fire.
Leck finally got to the world of (see above) to prove himself worthy to Mortarion and the legion. Leck himself went down to the planet in a scouting force consisting of bikes and plague marines to meet up with a force of cultists who were already on the planet. To Lecks dismay as soon as he joined up with the cultists they were ambushed by a outflanking force of Raven Guard.