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21-03-2014, 10:16
We'd organised a 2000 point battle which would be between my High Elves and an army of Goblins led by Grom....

High Elves -

Archmage + Extra level + Dispel Scroll + Talisman of Protection

Noble BSB + Shield of the Merwyrm + Dragon armour
Noble + Griffon (Swiftsense + Swooping strike) + Dragon armour + Enchanted Shield + Sword of Might

10 Silver Helms + FC + Shields
10 Silver Helms + FC + Shields

19 Phoenix Guard + FC + Banner of Swiftness

Frostheart Phoenix

Goblins -


Night Goblin Shaman + Dispel Scroll
Night Goblin Shaman

60 Night Goblins + FC + Netters
50 Goblins + FC
20 Night Goblins + FC + Bows + 3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins + FC + Bows + 3 Fanatics
5 Goblin Wolf Riders
5 Goblin Wolf Riders

15 Squigs + 10 Herders
10 Squig Hoppers
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

Rock Lobba
Doom Diver

Senario - Battleline

Spells - My Archmage ended up with Soul Quench, Apotheosis, Walk Between Worlds and Fiery Convocation. The Night Goblin Shaman got Gift of the Spider God while the other rolled up Nightshroud.

Deployment - Goblins won the roll and forced the High Elves to start first. After deployment this is what things looked like...


I won the roll to go first so we moved on to High Elf turn one...

High Elf Turn One -

I push up the flanks with the aim to drive off the Wolf Riders and take out the Goblin artillery as quickly as possible. The Eagles swoop forward as do the Frostheart and Griffon. I move the Phoenix Guard up so they are within 18 inches of the Squig Herd. The basic plan is to take out the Goblins on the flanks and try to avoid Grom and the big brick of Night Goblins. Once I've killed off the smaller Goblin units I can wheel into the center and gang up on his big Goblin blocks.

In the magic phase I throw a 6 and a 5. The Frostheart gets a 4+ ward save. Nobody channels so I've got 11 dice vs 6. My plan was to throw a small Soul Quench into the Squig Herd, a big Firey Convocation into the Night Goblin Horde and use my remaining dice for a Walk Between Worlds on the Silver Helms. I throw two dice at Soul Quench and get IF. Five Squigs die but in return my Archmage loses a magic level (forgetting Soul Quench) and I can't cast any more spells this turn. I was a bit upset at this point due to the annoying regularity that this happens to me. I can throw five and six dice at a spell all game and never throw a double 6. The only time I ever get IF is at the start of a magic phase where I have a ton of power dice and am casting a spell to try to draw out my opponants dispel dice. Figuring I got away quite lightly I end the turn as I don't have any shooting and nobody is in combat.


Goblins Turn One -

There are no failed animosity rolls so the whole Goblin army marches forward. On the left the Wolf Riders move up to block the Silver Helms. In the center the Goblin blocks push up while the Squig Hoppers move out to face off against the Frostheart Phoenix. Lastly the Wolf Riders on the right move round so they can see the Griffon.

Magic is a 5 and a 1 and I manage to channel meaning that it's 6 dice vs 6. My opponant goes for Gift of the Spider God on the Squig Hoppers but I manage to stop it. We both have dice left and he goes for Nightshroud on the left Wolf Riders but doesn't meet the casting cost.

In the shooting phase the Bolt thrower in the wood targets the Eagle on the left which is threatening the Rock Lobba. It hits and puts two wounds onto the bird. The Doom Diver also fires at the Eagle but scatters off target and ends up hitting the Silver Helms killing two of them. The Rock Lobba aims at the Silver Helms. My opponant rolls a direct hit but a misfire comes up on the other dice resulting in the warmachine being unable to fire for this turn. Lastly the other Bolt Thrower targets the Griffon. He hits, he hits the Noble, he wounds the Noble, Noble fails his ward save, takes two wounds, dies, Griffon fails it's leadership check and decides to sit where it is for the rest of the game.......

Epic fail.


21-03-2014, 11:19
High Elves Turn Two -

How much worse can things get? I decide to cheer myself up with some combat. The wounded Eagle charges the Rock Lobba. The Silver Helms charge the Wolf Riders (hold). The Phoenix Guard charge the Squig Herd (hold). The Frostheart Phoenix charges the Squig Hoppers (hold) and the last Eagle charges the right hand Wolf Riders (hold). Unfortunatly both the Phoenix and the Phoenix Guard get within 8 inches of the two small Night Goblin blocks containing fanatics. The good news is that the Fanatics are going to have to go through their own units. The bad news is that this is a game which seems determined for me to have a massive chunk of the bad luck. On the right only one of the Fanatics roll high enough to get through the Squig Hoppers. He kills 6 Hoppers onm the way through but as I end up sitting on top of him after I complete my charge I take 2 D6 strength 5 hits (my opponant rolls 11 hits) which results in the Phoenix taking three wounds. Things get even worse on the other side of the table where my opponant rolls very low for all three fanatics. Only two hit his Squigs but, of course, these pop through, cause a few wounds and my Phoenix Guard end up sitting on top of them. Cue 4D6 strength 5 hits on the unit which kills 7 of them.

I decide to skip the magic phase all together and we move straight onto the combat phase.

On the right the Eagle whiffs its attacks and takes a wound in return from the Wolf Riders. The Frostheart Phoenix kills the remaining Squig Hoppers. I decide to overrun as it means I avoid a flank charge from the Night Goblins next turn. I clip the big Goblin block but decide that I might be able to pin them down for a few turns. The Phoenix Guard do a lot of whiffing but manage to win the combat. Despite having killed all the Squigs I find out that the unit still explodes and doies damage to surrounding units. This turns out to be a good thing as the Night Goblin Archer, Night Goblin horde and the Wolf Riders in combat with my Silver Helms take damage while my Phoenix Guard are unharmed. The Silver Helms wipe out the remaining Wolf Riders and reform to face the Doom Diver. As a result of the Squig Herd being wiped out the Night Goblin Archers run away as they were just outside of Grom's leadership bubble. Lastly the wounded Eagle manages to kill the Rock Lobba crew.


Goblins Turn Two -

The Night Goblin block on the left fails animosity and squabbles. There are no charges. The fleeing Night Goblin block rallies on the board edge. Grom turns to face the Frostheart Phoenix. The Night Goblin block turns to face the Phoenix Guard.

In the magic phase one of the Shaman manages to get off Gift of the Spider God on the Goblins so I'm now resigned to the Frostheart Phoenix getting poisoned to death this turn.

In the shooting phase the Doom diver misses the Silver Helms as does the Bolt Thrower in the wood. On the right the Bolt Thrower aims at the Griffon but rolls a 1 so can't shoot this turn or next.

In combat the Eagle on the right mananges to kill a couple of Wolf Riders but takes two wounds in return and is killed. The Frostheart Phoenix manages to kill a few Goblins and amazingly only takes a single wound in return. It looses combat but passes it's leadership check and hangs in there.


High Elf Turn Three -

I decide that I'm really going to have to go for broke if I want to pull something out of the game. The left hand Eagle charges the Doom Diver. The Phoenix Guard charge the rallies Night Goblin archers who flee (my opponant was hoping to strand me in front of the Night Goblin Block with a failed charge) I avoid this by redirecting into the Doom Diver. The Silver Helm units move up to try to catch the Night Goblin horde in a pincer manuever.

I pass over the magic phase again and move straight onto combat.

In combat the Frostheart kills a couple of Goblins but loses his last wound. There's more epic fail as a unit of Phoenix Guard and an Eagle can't kill three Goblin Doom Diver crew. The surviving Goblin punches the Eagle to death before legging it off the table.


Goblins Turn Three -

The Goblin horde fails animosity and squabbles. The Night Goblin horde moves around the wood towards the Silver Helms. The remaining unit of Night Goblin archers push up the table. Grom moves around a bit (my opponant seems worried that I'm going to charge him with my Silver Helm block).

The Goblins only generate 3 power dice and my Archmage channels so it's 3 vs 3 and I stop Nightshroud from being cast on the Night Goblin horde.

In shooting the Bolt Thrower misses the Silver Helms.

There's no combat.


High Elf Turn Four -

Time to go all in. Both Silver Helm blocks charge the Night Goblin horde. This really is a Hail Mary but if by a miracle I can break the Night Goblins I can even up the game. The Phoenix Guard reform so they can get in next turn.

In the magic phase I only have five power dice and go for Fiery Convocation on the Goblin horde but my opponant pulls out his dispel scroll.

In combat I kill a decent amount of Night Goblins but I lose a couple of models out of each unit thanks to sub par rolling. He's stubborn on a 9 with a reroll and holds.


Goblins Turn Four -

No animosity. Grom and the Goblin horde reform to look at the Night Goblin/Silver Helm combat (oh dear).

In shooting the right Bolt Thrower takes two wounds off the Griffon. The Bolt Thrower in the wood misses the Phoenix Guard.

In combat the long awaited miracle happens! I kill a ton, he only kills a couple of Silver Helms in return and fails the rerolled break test. I gleefully run the unit down safe in the knowledge that I can avoid Grom and the remaining Goblin blocks for the rest of the game.


21-03-2014, 11:37
High Elf Turn Five -

Silver Helm block two reforms. The few remaining models of Silver Helm unit 1 loop around behind the wood.

In magic it's 5 dice vs 3. I go for a Firey Convocation which absolutly decimates the Goblin horde.

There's no combat.


Goblins Turn Five -

No animosity. Grom moves up as do the remains of the Goblin horde. The remaining Wolf Riders move round to face off against the Silver Helms.

There's no magic.

In the shooting phase the right Bolt Thrower kills the Griffon.


That's pretty much the end of the game. There are now a couple of endings to play out. There's the one where Silver Helm 1 charge the three remaining Wolf Riders and kill them off while the Phoenix Guard move back out of Groms charge range meaning that the High Elves comfortably win. There's also the comedy BULL**IT ending which we played out. My opponant was grumpy that Grom han't got into combat so for a laugh I pulled the Archmage and the BSB out of the unit and left them in charge range. I also declared my undying hatred of the right Bolt Thrower and tried a long bomb charge with my Silver Helm block. The Silver Helm charge failed, they got flank charged by the Wolf Riders in his turn, lost combat and fled off the table. Grom and his Chariot slammed into the Phoenix Guard, got maximum impact hits and wiped out them out. Lastly the remaining Bolt Thrower hit the Archmage, wounded him, I failed my 3+ ward save, he took three wounds and died.