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24-03-2014, 19:07
You need to invest ~300 points to get S5 impact hits. You could get the same number of impact hits from 3 goblin chariots for HALF the points. So my question is, is the extra 150 points for a second rank worth it? Or would it just be better to lose the rank bonus and use two smaller units, or scrap skeleton chariots all together? I'm assuming there's no character in the unit for MWBD.


24-03-2014, 19:11
First of all, tomb king chariots can be joined by characters with chariots, which is pretty damn cool when you consider the whole "My will be done" shenanigans. Your 300+ points for S5 impact hits are also all hitting at once, cause fear, are unbreakable, can regenerate wounds. It's been a while since I read the tomb king book, but aren't they also fast cav, or did they lose that this edition?

24-03-2014, 19:25
It's rarely worth it to get the second rank, unless you are running some crazy chariot death star. Most of the time it pays better to simply use units of 4 or 3, and just have them run up the flanks.

24-03-2014, 19:30
A unit of just 6 is rarely a good idea anyway, as a single casualty removes the main benefit (they go back to strength 4 as they haven't got a rank bonus any more).
Skeleton chariots aren't exactly sturdy, even with the ability to regain a lot of lost wounds each magic phase.

You're better off taking multiple units of 3-4 rather than a small block of them.
If you desperately want to do some real damage then you'll need a unit of at least 9+ so that those impact hits are hitting at least at strength 6, if not 7 as that way you can run them into enemy elite blocks and stand a reasonable chance of winning the fight.

Small units are more for dealing with chaff and lighter units, their St4 impact hits are plenty for shredding such targets.

24-03-2014, 20:20
Actually, units of 7 work pretty well as long as you have a nehekhara liche priest on your list.
4d6 S5 impact hits plus 16 (or 24) S4 plus 8 (or 16) S3 attacks is nothing to dismiss.
Its really easy to heal them back, you will get one chariot back per spell on average, so maintaining the second rank is almost trivial in most cases.
Just don't make them charge an away from your lines, not only they will be outside the wizard range, but the enemy will surround them and destroy them easily.

@theunwantedbeing: Tk already has tons of units capable of dealing with chaff. Wasting chariot on this task is not the best use of such unit.
Also, after S5 more impact are almost always better than just more strength. using 9 chariots for only 3d6 S6 impact is not a wise use of such unit. 6d6 S5 impact would be faaaar more dangerous. You will also get more attacks from the charioteers too.

24-03-2014, 20:51
I agree with Folomo. Raising chariots back is trivial, since you can cast spells on them after they've already made it into combat and raise them back at d3+1 wounds per casting. You can get 2 full chariots back with that. Unless your opponents really pick on that unit then you're practically guaranteed to get the full S5 impact hits out of them.

There are several people on the TK boards who run two units of 6 and get lots of utility out of them, but I personally found a single brick to be underwhelming and have since switched to two units of 3. The problem with a single unit is that it's not really effective on its own. 3d6 S5 is enough to kill a monster, but at 370 points that's still not cost effective. More importantly, you're paying almost 170 points for S5 impact hits alone since chariots don't get supporting attacks so those extra 3 models end up just being ablative wounds for the front rank. Now it's great when you tag-team with another unit, but their footprint is so huge that I've found it hard to actually get that working and time and time again would find myself getting stuck on terrain, friendly units, or being unable to fit into combat.

Compare that to two units of 3. You get 6d6 S4 hits on the charge now, which is better against most things. You also get attacks from all 6 chariots. The footprint is also way smaller, so they're much more maneuverable. Not to mention that you get more drops, more threats, and can shoot at multiple targets (i.e. clearing chaff).

Now the REAL question is whether 3 chariots is better than 20 archers, and how you answer that really depends on your playstyle. Personally I prefer the chariots with their dual combat/ranged purpose and switstride, since the archers get 2-3 rounds of shooting then are basically dead weight for the rest of the game.

edit: oh, and chariot-mounted characters are terrible. It's not enough attacks for WS5 to be worth it, is extremely expensive, and is very easy to kill with cannons by removing LoS! Oh...not to mention the fact that you can strand the TP/TK by killing his S4 3W chariot out from under him. Total garbage.

24-03-2014, 21:08
I found chariots verry underwhelming. Its just so easy for a good opponent to get the charge of on them instead of vice versa. TK army isnt exactly fast.
When i play againt TK i just charge a Scarvet on o cold one worth 140 ish points into a block of 6 and smack them to bits.

24-03-2014, 21:30
Thanks for the advice! I'll probably scratch the block and only use one unit of 3 for flanking/chaff clearing. The problem becomes filling core tax with all the other pretty awful choices lol.

24-03-2014, 23:51
I use a block of 11 with a king with the death mask. I go as wide as needed to negate armor.

25-03-2014, 07:24
Thanks for the advice! I'll probably scratch the block and only use one unit of 3 for flanking/chaff clearing. The problem becomes filling core tax with all the other pretty awful choices lol.

Horse archers are awesome and you should always take 2x5, then you need 20 archers + musician + champion to serve as a bunker for your mage(s). So that's 280 right there.

So you have 345 points left to spend to hit minimum core at 2,500. That's another couple units of archers, or a couple units of 3 chariots, or a single block of 6 chariots, or more horse archers, or a skeleton warrior block.

Let's pro-con that ****:

Pro- shooting is good vs elves, can clear out chaff, act as a secondary bunker or spread out your mages
Con- inefficient vs many armies (elves, knights, ogres, WoC), hard to protect

Big block of achers:
Pro- can reform to a bus with 2 princes in front to make a decent grinding unit. Lots of shots + Desiccation + Soulblight is a mean combo
Con- pretty fragile once the princes are dead. Fewer rounds of shots since you waste a turn on the reform.

6 chariots:
Pro- S5 impact hits is good vs monsters, elite infantry, or knights. 12 shots per turn is good at clearing chaff as well. Can bunker chariot characters. T4 means they bleed less CR.
Con- expensive, terrible not on the charge, big footprint isn't very maneuverable. Chariot characters are terrible

2x3 chariots:
Pro- 6d6 impact hits. Same number of shots but can split between units. More maneuverable. Good at chaff clearing. Can serve as a redirector in a pinch, or a late-game flank charger. Garner less opposition and attention than blocks of 6 do. Still T4.
Con- S4 is crappy. Still have troubles earning back their points. Not a good target for smiting. Lose damage much more quickly from casualties.

Pro- great grinding/tarpit unit with a prince. Can make almost functionally identical to HW/S tomb guard. Relatively cheap.
Con- requires a ****load of models. Requires a prince, which is paid out of non-core. Slow and unwieldy, and thus easily avoided. Pretty ***** against anything that can't be killing blow'ed or has decent toughness. Bleed combat res, so can't be combined with most elite units.

Personally my core is made up of 2x5 horse archers, 2x3 chariots with musician, and 20 archers +mus+champ for my bunker. I'm reasonably happy with that.