View Full Version : Horde rule in a mixed unit?

25-03-2014, 11:20
I was wondering if anyone got a clarification on this?

Such as would the Skinks behind a Krox be able to attack in a horde?
And would a character on a mount in a unit of infantry remove 1-2 or 0 attacks from his row?

25-03-2014, 12:59
Page 38 lizardmen book, under "Skinks".
Page 98 small rulebook, under "Different-sized bases".

Edit: I see the problem. I think these pages help anyway.

King Alriks Bodyguard
25-03-2014, 13:41
Its really not a matter of, where you stand, ranks wise, as it is more who is standing in front of you. I dont know the rules for Krok/skinks formation, but if you have a model on say, a juggernaut, in a horde formation, and he takes spaces both in front and second row. The models directly behind him, may attack, but any models behind those, may not.

Its better explained on page 48 of the BRB. So...Juggernaut in first and second rank, models directly behind those in base to base may attack, but those in the 4th rank may not.