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Captain Ron
25-03-2014, 17:56
So I am just trying out Warhammer Fantasy and some people suggested that I purchase the Island of Blood starter set and then play a few games with those armies to get a feel for the game. I have done that and before I start painting them and expanding them I started to look into the different armies. I have a couple of decisions to make now, do I expand the Skaven army I have or start a Warriors of Chaos force?

I like the look of the Warriors of Chaos, but based on what I have read online and in the battle reports I have watched on YouTube they seem like a really popular army. Or maybe just a high powered one so they are featured a lot. Does that make them not fun to play against? I like the look, but I donít want to play an army that people donít want to play against. I was thinking of buying a battalion box for them and seeing how it plays, but at such small point games can you really see that much difference between armies?

The other option would be to expand the Skaven force that came with the Island of Blood box. It seems like Skaven are like the polar opposite type of army than the Warriors, but I like the look of them as well. I put together all of the models from the Island of Blood set, but before I invest the time and money of expanding and painting I wanted to be sure. Do you think another Island of Blood set is a good investment if I decide to go Skaven? I donít know how useful another hero and engineer is, also do people just not use rat ogres because I havenít seen them in a video yet? On the plus side if I ever decide to go High Elves Iíll have some more of those.

Thanks for reading this and any help or advice you can provide is much appreciated.

25-03-2014, 20:24
not that bad to play agains in my aria its mostly vampire counts ( my army) oke I was one of the first) and i think 2 maby 3 chaos warriors in my club and 6-7 vampire. 2 skaven maby 3

26-03-2014, 05:42
People starting Skaven usually start w anywhere from 2-4 IoB half sets. U can find all the Clanrats on eBay dirt cheap. Multiple warlords, just make one the bsb. Engineers r ok in multiples as a naked rat w a doom rocket is handy. U can use them to throw MR in a group or other nifty features too. Or just give them L1 and a condenser and shoot people w lightning all game

Rat ogres are tn popular but maybe the next army book will help them. I want to do a rat ogre Death Star just bc it sounds fun

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26-03-2014, 08:05
Do which army you like. There is a huge variety of builds from WoC book anyway so you can always change your style of play if need be. Plus the low model count compared to some other armies is a bonus too for starting a complete new army.

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17-04-2014, 12:51
Yeah i guess you will be having the option of buying stuff through online shopping sites,So you do not have to make it ha bother mate.I guess its fine completely.
Just stay cool with it and surely that will give you what you need all over the world almost.

17-04-2014, 16:37
WoC is a pretty easy army to start with as well depending on how you make the list lets you play without too much thinking, that way you can just learn the game. After that WoC has lot of options from Troll Hoards, Chariot Rush, Chimeras, Warrior Blocks a lot of things to play with as well.