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Time of Madness
25-03-2014, 23:59
My 2200pt Tourny List


Tomb King (General)
- Destroyer of Eternities
- Dragonbane Gem
- The Other Trickster's Shard
= 270pts

High Liche Priest (Hiero)
- Earthing Rod
- Talisman of Preservation
= 280pts


19 Skeleton Archers
***Liche Bunker***
- Standard
= 124pts

4 Chariots
- Standard
- Banner of Eternal Flame
= 240pts

4 Chariots
- Standard
= 230pts


29 Tomb Guard
***King Here****
- Full Command
- Halberds
- Banner of Undying Legion
= 457pts

- Fiery Roar
= 230pts

- Fiery Roar
= 230pts


Casket of Souls
= 135pts

TOTAL POINTS = 2196pts

Fairly tough list in my opinion. It's a combat based list supported by the casket/hiero.

The Tomb Guard with the King form the center of my army and I use the chariots/sphinxs on the flanks.

Anyone like it?

It's an uncomped tourny so I've thought about dropping the King/high priest in favour of Khatep and a prince. Not sure the extra punch in the magic phase would be worth it.

Time of Madness

26-03-2014, 00:44
I love Khatep, but I've found that he really lacks the offensive punch to get the most out of the magic phase on his own. Combined with a level 4 death he might do better.

That said, with BotUL already on your Tomb Guard you might also do well running Arkhan the Black. He's a bit stronger offensively, though he's quite a bit more vulnerable to miscasting than Khatep due to the latter's rerolls. The trouble with him tends to be that you give up the ability to bring maintain the body count on units like chariots or tomb guard, but BotUL might help you with that.

Personally I've migrated away from death (which I found to be a bit of a crutch lore for myself) in order to start playing around with a light council. Still working out the kinks but it's looking promising. S6 banisment gives you a secondary threat (after the casket) to draw out magical defense before those pivotal combat phases. Bubbled Pha's Protection is a really great defense against artillery, which we're typically quite vulnerable to. A bit expensive at 2,200 (I'm working with 2,500), so maybe not in the cards for you.

One thing I will say is that I'm not a huge fan of the DoE king. I've gone whole games without rolling a single 6 to wound on my tomb guard, and the DoE is putting a lot of eggs into that basket. Against the things you really want to smack with the HKB it's not hard to let 4 wounds though, and 80 points doesn't leave a lot of room for defensive kit. Personally I prefer putting the razor standard on the Tomb Guard and just relying on their rank-and-file to dish out the hurt. Light magic really helps give them the opportunity to do that (as does Ramhotep giving them hatred and frenzy). Others disagree with me though, and the DoE King has plenty of ardent supporters on the Khemri boards.

27-03-2014, 01:17

A few comments:

Drop Talisman of preservation if you keep the HLP - can't afford it and if you get into combat your screwed with or without
A second the light council option - both that it's excellent but likely too expensive with 2,200 points.
Regardless of the above your magic phase could still use some improvement - if not going w Khatep/TK then put some points into a scroll caddy lvl 2 to ensure you have the whole lore (I feel both of those will be highly beneficial)
I would drop the DOE king regardless of the above
Suggest slightly larger bunker - 30 should be fine. If you come across a particularly magic or shooting heavy army it could dissapear in one turn otherwise (its uncomped, not that unlikely)
You have no chaff of any kind really - suggest getting some. Could reduce chariots to 3 each to do this.

How has the list tested? Overall I think it's too soft for uncomped


29-03-2014, 00:31
You should also put a champion in your mage bunker, just in case your opponent hits you with a solo character of some sort (i.e. peg paladins/masters, demon princes, etc.). That way you can challenge, raise and challenge, eat some losses, then raise and challenge again. For 10 points it's a really good insurance to have.