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26-03-2014, 15:05
Liche Priest 140
Level 2
Magic Items (35)

40 Skeleton Warriors 260
Light Armour

3 Chariots 175

3 Chariots 175

3 Sepulchral Stalkers 165

Tomb Scorpion 85

Total - 1000

This is a list I'm thinking of making for my Tomb kings army. I already have 30 Warriors 3 Chariots and the Scorpion which I will be using and this is what I've come up with to fill the list out to 1k. I'm a bit worried about having only 1 character but it gave me so many more points to play with and I've been very lights on the command options for every unit. The Stalkers I think are great because they deal with big monsters very well and they can pop up behind people. The Scorpion is similar being able to take out missile units and hopefully a war machine or two. I only have 30 warriors at the moment but considering I only have one character and he will need protecting I bumped the unit up to 40 to hopefully give them some more survivability. I also really like the two units of chariots because they are really good shock units that can either team up and hopefully take smaller, lightly armored units down or they can wait for the big unit of skelies to tar pit something and then can charge from the flanks.

The only thing undecided is the magic Items my Priest will carry. I have 35 points I can use to give him stuff but I don't know what would be appropriate so I would like suggestions for that too. All suggestions welcome. I don't want a cheesy list but one that is competitive enough not to get trashed every game.

26-03-2014, 20:42
My recommendation:
Take out the light armors and spears, and add a prince with GW. Spears are a plain bad upgrade for SW and light armors are no better than more models in most situations.
Add a bunker for your hierophant, you dont want him in close combat!!
Also, you really need something else that can cause ranged damage. You dont want to be outshooted by your opponent with a TK army (which is slow). A casket of souls is a great addition a list for this reason and its PD can be used to cause damage or cast spells with your hierophant when needed. I think they work better than stalkers in most situations, since they can work better against most monsters.

I would recommend something like this:

LP, lvl 2 nehekhara, hierophant, 25 for magical gear.
TP, GW, general.

39 SW, FC
14 achers, musician.

3 chariots, banner.
3 chariots, banner.

Casket of souls.

The problem is that you there is no space for the scorp here. If you really want him, you can reduce the units sized, character gears and command options and fit it in, but I wouldn't recommend doing this.

Also, I havent yet seen any TK list that could be considered cheesy, so in general I would recommend doing your list as good as possible to make things interesting for you and your opponent.

Finally, I would recommend you to go to the dedicated TK forum. There are not many TK players posting around here but the tomb kings forums is preeeety active and more people will be able to guide you (specially since there is no "one-build-to-rule-them-all" with TK).

26-03-2014, 21:31
Take your first list, remove the light armour and spears off the skellies, drop 10 points on the magic items and drop the musician. Then add a prince with a GW