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26-03-2014, 23:49
I have a couple of queries about the blue scribes which I am sure are probably well trodden by now but I can't seem to find answers elsewhere.

Firstly, do you have to roll for the casting value of the spell that they select at random or do they just automatically cast it? This hasn't been FAQd and the wording in the book is not totally clear. From a fluff point of view, I'd have thought they'd cast automatically since they are literally just reading out spells at random. Then again, the spell would still need fuel from the winds of magic wouldn't it? How do other people play it?

Secondly, what is the best magic lore to generate their spell from? I know this will largely depend on circumstance but which are the most regular ones that people use with them? Presumably, you need a lore where all six spells are useful to some degree and could potentially be useful in a number of different situations. I was thinking lore of fire was potentially good for offensive situations. Are there any other, more defensive loves that people like to use with the scribes?

Cheers in advance guys for any help you can give me with the little disc riding blighters! :-)

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27-03-2014, 13:36
They are cast as bound spells so you need to use casting dice and meet the casting value.

As to which lore, yes it dies depend in the situation. However worth noting that bound spells can only ever cast the basic version, no boosted versions - e.g. d6 fireball only, no 2d6 or 3d6.

27-03-2014, 20:29
Upon rereading the rule again, I guessed this might be the answer. It makes sense that they'd still have to have winds of magic power behind the spell.

Would it maybe be easier to say which Loews are NOT useful for the scribes? I can see, for example, that against VC or other non-ld dependent armies, death magic might be quite redundant most of the time.

27-03-2014, 20:52
Well as you pick the lore each turn and then roll randomly it depends entirely on the situation.

Death against VCs could be useful if you roll Soul Blight or purple sun at the right time.

28-03-2014, 07:45
I would think light or life might be good most times