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28-03-2014, 14:51
Hi guys i will be entering a tournament next month, its 1850 and you can't use escalation, strong hold assault or any dataslates, so codex only + forgeworld. this is the list i am thinking of using, what you do think?

1850 Eldar/Space wolves
Farseer 100 with dark reapers
[guide + 2 telepathy powers]

Spiritseer 70 with dark reapers
[conceal + telepathy power]

3 Jet bikes 61
Shuriken cannon

3 jet bikes 61
Shuriken cannon

10 Guardians 110
Bright lance
Wave serpent 145
Twin scatter laser, shuriken cannon, holo field

5 Wraithguard 160
Wave serpent 145
Twin scatter laser, shuriken cannon, holo field

2 War walkers 140
Lance/scatter laser

5 Dark reapers 202
Star shot x 4, exarch, fast shot

6 swooping hawks 96

Defence line 85


Rune priest 105 with 9 hunters
Melta bomb [jaws and something else]

9 grey hunters 140
Melta gun
Drop pod 35

10 grey hunters 160
2x plasma gun
Drop pod 35

Total: 1850

The idea is if i face a seer council i can drop the rune priest next to them and hopefully stop a few of the powers as well as do a few wounds to them (possibly). The rest of the force will just do that it does and the dark reapers will hold the defense line with the seers to hopefully threaten anything they can see.

How do you think this list would do? and what would you guys change?

28-03-2014, 17:28
I think all of those guns are waaaaaaaay overpowered ... for the fantasy armies in this section ;-p ... think you are looking for the 40k section ...

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28-03-2014, 17:45
The allies rules for one. The location of the post for two.

But in the list? the min jet bike squads, the two characters in the reaper squad and the weapon mix on the war walkers. The latter are ridiculously inefficient for picking any sort of target and taking it down reliably, the jet bikes are dead in a moment, and the reaper/character unit is gun bait to a degree that is utterly absurd, and not all that durable considering nothing else comes close to its importance.