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28-03-2014, 18:06

I recently got back into warhammer at the age of 29 afer playing in my teenage years. I was hoping your guys could help me with suggestions as to the best 1500-2000 point build with the models I have.

10 sea guard
16 archers
1 mage
10 phoenix Guard
21 Swordmasters of hoeth
5 reavers
1 loremaster of hoeth

Any help would be appreciated also suggestions as to what I should be looking to add to my army, at the moment I think it will be some white lions



29-03-2014, 02:41
you're best bet is to invest in some more models. or proxy some for a couple games so you can find out what works for you. i just recently started as well and understand your pain. ebay is the best place to save some cash and build up a decent army. if you can find the high elf half to island of blood that would be ideal. or if you can find a cheap island of blood and then sell the skaven. white lions are great. if you're tryin to save some money another box of phoenix guard may be the better choice as you already have 10. you cant go wrong with bolt throwers. eagles or reavers. i've run both and i like eagles more but that's just what matches how i play. A phoenix is nice. i played my first game with a frostheart the other day and i will probably make it a permanent model in my list now. I really like teclis. picking spells from each lore is an advantage thats hard to pass up. so many combos... anyways, i would recommend another mage. archmage for sure. just start writing out 1,000 point lists or lower to start. maybe play some games with some proxyed models just to figure out what works for you. trust me, its better play with some foam and push pins than spend money on models that you dont like to use. i tried to add up a army out of your models but couldnt come up with anything solid past 1,000 points. here's a 1,000 point list i made and ran a couple times a while back and did really well with. i use some models you dont own but it'll give you an idea.

Mage - level 2, dispell scroll, lore of life - 145
Lothern Sea Guard x 21 - full command, shields - 282 - bunker for mage
ellyrian reavers x 5 - spears and bows, musician - 105
ellyrian reavers x 5 - spears and bows, musician - 105
sword masters x 14, full command, shrieking blade - 222
Sisters of avelorn x 10 - 140

hope i've been some help. good luck, man!

30-03-2014, 16:37
thanks mate.

I played a 1500 point game the other day and used some spare models as white lions and was quite impressed. I thimk I will take your advice and stock up on some sea guard. Thanks for taking the time to reply, its appreciated