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Warwolt the skaven
14-06-2006, 18:58
Start of battle scene-
Skrymmer faces the goblin horde bellow him. Motivating his clanrats
Night goblins laughes and screams maniackly
Skrymmer cries out a war cry and charges with his stormvermins and clanrats.

Charge scene-
Skrymmer hits a unit of night goblins and chrushes them easy
Focus on Warwolt, who is ordering the slaves to hurry quick-quick with the weapon teams delivered to the battle.
Warpfire throwers are sent into the battle, slave screens pushed forward
Klankbolt, Warwolts apprentice, enters and is ordered to assist Skrymmer with the Doom Wheel

Focus on Skrymmer-
Skrymmer keeps fighting against the goblins, but suddenly four mad goblins comes out with chained balls. Skrymmer is filled with fear when he sees Fanatics comming against him.

Focus Klankbolt-
Klankbolt keeps going with the doomwheel, zapping down alot of goblins and rats while heading towards skrymmers unit - or rather the goblin unit he is fighting - and hits most of the fanatics. One fanatics is alive and destroys the doom wheels one generator that explodes and makes the doomwheel fall over.

Focus Goblins-
The goblins are almost whiped out. One Nightgoblin upon a orange squig blows horn.
A second, ten times bigger horde is comming up from behind rock formations

Focus Skrymmer-
Skrymmer is filled with great terror, and is almost running for his life.

Focus Tunneling Team and Assassin Klaw-
Klaw toughts. - why did Klaw join the tunneling team, during the circumstances of the great risks. And why is he helping the Gasblower-device trough the tunnels?

Focus Battle-
Goblin charges, slaves are used to hold them up while

Focus Warwolt-
Warwolt is directing two warplightning cannons to fire upon a huge chunk of night goblins, green light is fired

Focus Goblins-
Goblins are burnt to pieces, but even more are comming

Focus Skrymmer-
Skrymmer is loosing the battle, his last hope is the Gas Blower.

Focus Klaw and tunneling teams-
Klaw has reached the surface, and his guiding up the Gasblower device. Device his fired and eliminates HUGE part of the army, but explodes - wich took out most part of the goblins - while doing so.
Focus skrymmer-
His hope was lost, while new hope was born. He finally had a chance against them, untill

Focus Goblins-
Some goblins runs away, but another horn his blown. And now the whole Goblin Tribe is summoned to the battle. Skrymmer sees only green, Goblins and Warplightning from Warwolts cannons trying to take down as many Goblins as possible. Goblins charges.

Focus Right Border- - Twillight -
1 DOONG is heard
2 more DOONGs is filling the battle
4 DOOOOOONs comes
2 Doongs
Dongs = 13

Focus Grey Seer Zkotte-
"Seems like our friend-friend needs some help-aid, don't you think master moulder-moulder?"
Focus Krabaw of Clan Rustsmiths
.:Warwolt Renaged:. Barnvagns maffian is in town! säger:
Focus Krabaw of Clan Rustsmiths-
"yes-yes, certanly."
.:Warwolt Renaged:. Barnvagns maffian is in town! säger:
Focus Bassik Dwarveripper-
"Why wait-wait then? Call-call out the Rat Ogres!"
.:Warwolt Renaged:. Barnvagns maffian is in town! säger:
Focus Ratogres-
"GRAAAWR" etc. etc.
Masacree on Goblins

Skrymmer, is the Chieftain of the Clan
Warwolt, is the head-engineer
Klaw, is a hired assassin
Glasblower device is a machine in the last chapters built by Warwolt to be used against the Goblins.
Zkotte is á Greey Seer, krabaw the clans master moulder ans Bassik is a allied aiding Rustsmiths.

Warwolt the skaven
20-06-2006, 20:22
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