View Full Version : 1250 Escalation league

30-03-2014, 18:08
Hi all, my local league is going up to 1250 this week and I'd appreciate some help with my list as I'm new to VC. So far I've been pretty successful with a list like this:
Master necro, level 4 dispel scroll
21 Ghouls, ghast
20 Zombies
7 Crypt Horrors

Necro goes in the zombies. My games pretty much go like this: I use Raise Dead to frustrate and block my opponent , the Terrorgheist draws loads of fire/magic and dies after one or two screams, I smash up a unit, their wizards die and I end up tabling them with full strength or near-full strength Horrors and Ghouls thanks to Nehek. My Necromancer has never died, because Zombie bunkers are awesome.

So for 1250 I'm thinking of just upscaling this list. It would be nice to guarantee getting Raise Dead, so maybe Mannfred the Acolyte in the Ghoul unit? A Cairn Wraith would be pretty useful as well- Terror and Ethereal. Hording up the Ghouls...? What do you guys think?