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Invincible Sword Goddess
02-04-2014, 15:27
If two units are fighting, models which are only in b2b contact with a character and no R&F models can only direct their attacks at a character, correct?

Furthermore, if said character is in a challenge with someone else, said models will simply stand around with their thumb in their ear and do nothing, correct?

If said model is a character, can it make way and trade places with a R&F model? Keep in mind it is already engaged, albeit with something it can't attack.

02-04-2014, 15:50
Not so sure. I believe the condition to be able to make way may be 'not being in base contact with an enemy'. In that case he cant make way. But again Im not sure.

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02-04-2014, 17:40
Concerning the above answer to the first question, Supporting attacks may also direct their attacks at a character (assuming each model doing so meets the requirements stated in the BRB).