View Full Version : Multiple characters and declining a challenge

Invincible Sword Goddess
02-04-2014, 14:31
Last night during a game I had a situation where my unit was engaged with an enemy unit containing two characters.

I declared a challenge, and my opponent declined.

One of his characters could move to the back rank to get out of b2b, the other was on a mount (cauldron of blood if it matters) that was both too large to move out of b2b and required to remain in the front and center rank by a special rule.

What happens here:

A: The challenge is declined as normal, but I can only choose to have the mobile character move out of the fight.

B: The challenge cannot be declined as one character cannot move out of the fight.

C: The challenge can only be declined if I choose to move the mobile model out of the fight, if I choose the stationary character the challenge retroactively fails and combat is fought as normal.

D: Something else.


Lord Inquisitor
02-04-2014, 15:24
So firstly:

"A character cannot refuse a challenge if his model cannot be placed so that he is not in base contact with an enemy model - he can't evade his opponent and so must fight for his life."

So far, easy. If you can't evade, you can't refuse.

So onto your other question. Can you choose the other character to decline it? (You might want to send the BSB to the back, for example). It says "If no enemy character steps forward to meet the challenge, one of them must retire in ignominy... This character is nominated by the challenger." So do you get the choice of picking a character to decline who can decline or forcing the character that can't decline to fight? I would say no, the character can't refuse the challenge at all and must accept. While you could perhaps argue it the other way, I think this is how it is commonly played.

Also note that the character can refuse if he has a bigger base size in most circumstances - I don't see any reason it can't hang out the back of the unit. As for the cauldron's special rule, I don't know whether it over-rules the requirement to go to the back rank if the cauldron actually is a character. Put another way, the refusing a challenge over-ride the normal character placement rules, would it over-ride the cauldron placement? I guess army rules over-rule rulebook rules. But then the cauldron rules are a mess.