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03-04-2014, 16:01
Hi all. Trying to get back into the hobby after a long while out of it. I'm starting small, to get the hang of the game again. Here's 2 lists I'm contemplating. Any thoughts one way or another would be appreciated!

List 1: Two big blocks act as tarpits while chariot and wolf riders hit the flanks. Spear chukkas to take to scary stuff or decimate rank and file troops.

Goblin Big Boss - Short Bow, Light Armor, Spear, Chariot, Shrieking Blade, Enchanted Shield = 106 pts

15 Orc Boyz - Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer = 155 pts

26 Night Goblins - Spear & Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer = 98 pts

5 Goblin Wolf Riders - Spear, Shield, Musician = 70 pts

2x Spear Chukkas = 70 pts

Total = 497 points

List 2: Beefy block with more harrass/flanking

Orc Big Boss - GW = 59 pts

15 Orc Big Uns - Shield, Musician Standard, Banner of Swiftness = 215

2x5 Goblin Wolf Riders - Spear, Shield, Musician = 140 pts

Goblin Chariot = 50

Spear Chukka = 35 pts

Alternatively, the 2nd list could get more beardy with another chariot instead of big un upgrade or one of the wolf rider units.

10-04-2014, 16:29
No opinions?

11-04-2014, 19:06
I'd play the second list. Wolfriders are great at redirecting and dictating the movement/charge phases but will ultimately be most useful giving up their points to allow you to make the moves you want with other units. At 500 points, you'd be better off leaving them out/taking one unit of five, musician only, a second chariot as you suggest, and more big uns, as they hit so late you need enough to survive that first beating. Oh, and lose the chukka for a troll. More reliable and flexible for the same purpose as a chukka! Just my thoughts, I've been playing a lot of similarly small skirmishes lately too.

11-04-2014, 21:11
For skirmishes I like to go with an all goblin army. led by a big boss on either a squig or spider.