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05-04-2014, 16:13
Runesmith w/ rune of spellbreaking x2, rune of passage and shield
Runesmith w/ rune of spellbreaking x2, rune of furnace, rune of stone and shield (general)
Thane BSB w/ Master rune of Grungni, rune of strollaz, and shield
Dragonslayer w/ Master rune of swiftness, rune of might, and rune of parrying

Longbeards x35 w/ command and shields
Warriors x14 w/ great weapons

Slayers x20 w/ standard, rune of strollaz, and sanctuary
Ironbreakers x30 w/ command and rune of strollaz

Rangers x20 w/ musician
Rangers x5

05-04-2014, 21:46
Questions before commenting:
1. Tactics? Battle plan?
2. Character to unit allocation?

And on a quick note: to overcome Rule of Pride you don't need RoPassage on 1st Rsmith, Furnace on second is enough.

06-04-2014, 04:46
Yes that would have helped eh? Ok, general and bsb are in longbeards, second smith is in ironbreakers and dragon slayer is in slayers. Wrriors and gyros drop first to get a feel for where his units will be, then setup the three units with slayers on one flank and ironbreakers on the other and longbeards in the center to give grungni bubble to all 3. Try to aim slayers at their monsters or other high toughness units. Small unit of rangers are there to protect vanguard, large unit is to harrass flanks or warmachines. I had the extra 10 points for passage figured it'd be mice for large terrain boards. Any thoughts for improvements?

06-04-2014, 06:22
I have been working on a similar vanguard style list- you should try this one out and post in the tactica on how it went.

14-04-2014, 05:07
Ok, played this against a Warriors of Chaos list, he ran 2 wizards on mounts, a big block of warriors, 2 chariots, cannon, chimera, 4 crushers, and 2 units of dogs. Evan with vanguarding, my ironbreakers lost the grind to warriors, slayers were simply unable to deal enough wounds to kill anything, about all that was accomplished was taking out one chariot and the chimera. Poor performance, and I'm starting to wonder if this type of list is even useable.

14-04-2014, 11:42
In my eyes, limiting yourself to no shooting in dwarfs is like limiting yourself to only goblins in and O&G army. Yes, it can work, per se, it's just that your heavily comprimising one of your strengths for, realistically, nothing in return. Limiting yourself to goblins means you're missing out on all the really good orcish units, such as Savage Orcs or Orc Chariots - with Dwarfs, no shooting means that you're forced to maneouver into favourable positions with M3 troops. Again, it can work, but it's not optimal.

15-04-2014, 10:00
As much as I dislike gunline/castle/arty heavy lists I have to agree with Fupduck: not taking ANY warmachines bar gyros IS limiting yourself. 2 cannons/OG's (I might think OGs perform slightly better against WoC) can be pretty intimidating and no WoC player can take the perspective of a salvo of S5 AP (or S6 with runes) attacks in the face lightly. Also, in this edition you have the very useful template laying Flame Cannon, to be seriously considered.

Furthermore I think your army lacks a real hammer to support the two strong anvils. Slayers (as much as I like them) are very situational and might have their uses while in this edition Hammerers are just to good to pass. Additionally only one of your fighting blocks has Strollaz, so has to wait for the rest of the fighting force since you chose Slayers to operate independently. As a result each CC unit operated on it's own, whilst they should support each other. I tried this concept of a list myself (with the added support of an oathstone in the vanguarding anvil) but decided not to go for it.